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How to Make Your Third Date Unforgettable: Top Date Ideas

“The third date is a very important stage for a relationship. It's not like the”
By Alex Glover June 11, 2021

How to Make Your Third Date Unforgettable: Top Date Ideas

“The third date is a very important stage for a relationship. It's not like the”
By Alex Glover June 11, 2021

The third date is a very important stage for a relationship. It's not like the first and the second date when you're still getting to know each other.

But at the same time, you are not that close either, so you still need to work hard to impress them. However, it's not a date to show up, it's more about feeling comfortable with each other and make this time memorable. 

First two dates are perfect to spend on the neutral territory, while the third date is the perfect opportunity to invite them to your house without being cheesy. Remember everything you were talking about on your dates and between them. Think of what your date's favorite hobbies are, what they are interested in, where they like to spend their free time? Have in mind all these details while thinking about your third date ideas. 

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It's your third date already, so if you survived the previous two dates, the third one is gonna be much easier. Be yourself and enjoy your time with your loved one. 


Cook dinner at home

couple cooking diiner third date ideas meetville

It may sound like the easiest date idea ever but at the same time, it's super romantic and will only help you bond even more. Firstly, you will spend your date along without annoying waiters and other couples around. Secondly, cooking together is a perfect idea to have fun and show your cooking skills. And even if you fail at the end, you can always just order a pizza ;) But this time spent together would be precious for both of you. 


Make a surprise

couple surprise third date ideas meetville

If you're sure that they would like your idea, then make it a surprise. Take your date to another city nearby, make it thematic (like visiting the places where the characters of their favorite movie went on a date), have a romantic dinner with candles and flashlights in the middle of the park (or at least in your backyard). The most important part is to make it a surprise.


Go for wine tasting

picnic wine tasting third date meetville

Get all fancy and go on a wine tasting date. If you both like this kind of activity, you going to spend a lovely time together. Though, if you want to make yourself more comfortable and spend some time alone, you can make your own wine bar at home. Buying a few good bottles of wine wouldn't be that much expensive but you both would definitely have a good time.


Feed ducks in the park

couple feeding ducks park third date ideas meetville

If you want just to take a walk and talk a little bit, there is nothing better than going to a park. Feeding ducks together would be a great idea for a romantic activity in the park. Though, you can always replace it with some other similar ideas like going to a zoo, having a picnic in a park or just having an adventure in an amusement park. 


Rent a boat

kiss on boat third date ideas meetville

Another good idea to spend some time with each other is to rent a small boat and go for a ride somewhere on a lake. First of all, it' s a perfect opportunity to be somewhere in the public place but at the same time completely alone. Also, nature around will create a nice romantic atmosphere for your date. You can even go further with your creativity and make a picnic on a boat. No one would forget this dreamy third date.


Use these ideas to make your third date unforgettable but keep in mind that the key to your perfect date is both of you. The third date is more about being together, so let it flow naturally and it will be the best time you could spend together.


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