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First date ideas in Montreal

“Montreal is one of the most beautiful and colorful cities in Canada. It is located”
By Alex Glover October 19, 2021

Date Ideas In Montreal That Are Perfect For Meeting Someone For The First Time

“Montreal is one of the most beautiful and colorful cities in Canada. It is located”
By Alex Glover October 19, 2021

Montreal is one of the most beautiful and colorful cities in Canada. It is located in the province of Quebec, where 90 percent of residents speak French. It is the second-largest city in the country, with over four million inhabitants. It was initially called the city of Mary or Ville-Marie, but then the name was changed. By the way, UNESCO has recently recognized Montreal as a city of design because here you can really find rather unusual architectural structures that amaze your imagination, especially if it's your first date with that someone special.


There are a lot of places to visit, especially if you live in a big city. Which ones? Where to go on a first date? Just going for a walk is too apparent. But what if it's winter and there is a risk of freezing yourself off? Or, you are entirely out of money, and you can't afford a restaurant? Let's see where you can spend your first date and feel you've chosen the right place.


Bernard's Avenue


Bernard's Avenue is little known among tourists, but locals love it. This is a rather noisy street, true Montreal style. Here you can relax in a cozy cafe or have a drink in a bar without tons of tourists. A must for a first date is lunch at the cafe "Romolo" or "La Piazzetta" - order a roast or mussels, you will love it!


Jardin Botanique de Montréal


Jardin Botanique de Montréal offers a day to walk through Chinese, French, and Japanese parks and even visit the desert. More than 22 thousand species of plants and 10 greenhouses are collected here, as well as a colossal tree nursery. It's a truly delightful place for a first date!


Parc Lafontaine


Parc Lafontaine is located on the Mont Royal Plateau and extends over approximately 100 acres. Here you can play tennis, ride a bike, sunbathe, have a picnic and just relax under the trees with your date. In summer, an open-air theater is open, and in winter, you can enjoy your time on a skating rink.



Dieppe Park


Dieppe Park was established in 1984 to preserve Montreal's green space. It's a perfect place to enjoy a beautiful view of the city and the coastline. Here you can have a wonderful time sunbathing or having a picnic with your date. There are table spots, barbecues, and play areas. 




Planetarium Rio Tinto Alcan


Planetarium Rio Tinto Alcan tells its visitors about the solar system, stars, galaxies, and black holes. The views of all this are just breathtaking and have been held here for over 30 years thanks to the powerful Zeiss projector. You can also enjoy various multimedia shows about meteorites, space flights, and the beginning of the universe. What can be more romantic for a first date? 



Village District 


The Village is considered one of the largest entertainment districts in North America. It has become popular mainly due to its crazy nightlife, but there are various other options for spending time with your date: cafes, bistros, shops, antique shops, taverns, and restaurants.



Little Italy


The Little Italy area of Montreal speaks for itself. The first Italian immigrants lived here. The area is now filled with Italian restaurants, shops, bars, clubs and cafes where you can spend your first date. Moreover, various festivals are held here all year round to attract visitors to numerous spots located here.



Avenue de Monkland


Avenue de Monkland is one of Montreal's most famous streets, with Monkland Village Shopping Center - a collection of popular shops, trendy restaurants, outdoor cafes, and cozy pubs. The most notable resting spots for a date here are the Monkland tavern with excellent cuisine, Italian restaurant "Al Dente", and "St-Viateur Bagel" (their bagels are famous all over the world). 



Suppose you want to get a glimpse of the city. In that case, you can go the traditional way, climbing to the observation deck of Mont-Royal, or choose a more modern way: climb to the very top of the giant skyscraper in the city called "737" in an ultra-high-speed elevator. If even this is not enough - welcome to the "twin towers" of the neo-Gothic church of Notre Dame de Bonsecours! Anyway, Montreal is full of incredible options for a first date with a person you like, so sign up right now and find a match in Montreal to start dating!

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