4 Surefire Ways to Make a Good Impression on a First Date

Making a good first impression is always important as you want to put your best foot forward. So many of us get consumed with trying to be something that we’re not or overcome with anxiety that we end up having a miserable first date — and the truth is that it doesn’t have to be that way! Though you may feel that having a good first date is about putting on a show, it’s truly about getting back to basics.

4 Keys To Successfully Using Body Language On That First Date

If you have been dating for a while, then you know that there are certain elements required for being successful. Though every day is most certainly different, the reality is that you have to put forth certain effort to make things work. One such thing that is essential for your dating success is mastering good body language. If you play it right, you can speak volumes all without saying a word at all. If you want to put yourself out there you have to know how to speak without uttering words, and this can take you much further than anything you might say.

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7 Most Romantic Date Attractions in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is one of the most romantic cities in the entire USA. It caters to couples looking for a romantic experience at cultural sites, charming eateries, outdoor attractions and other swoon-worthy spots throughout the city.

Treat yourself and a loved one to a romantic photo at the AMOR Statue, sightseeing at One Liberty Observation Deck, a lovely walk through Longwood Gardens and so much more. Explore the city’s sweet side with us and find out the best romantic attractions and activities in the region.

Dating Etiquette: Who Should Really Pay on a First Date?

It’s that moment in the first date that so many couples tend to dread. If you are on the first date and then the bill comes, it can send a sense of panic upon things. It doesn’t matter who you are, how the date has gone, or what you think of this person, for the way that the bill is handled and who pays for things can set up an immediate expectation. It may cause you to feel a certain way or you may worry that they are thinking something that they may not be—so how do you handle this common occurrence and ensure that it sends the right message once and for all?