5 Date Ideas That Only Appeal To Men—Women Hate Them

When planning out the first date you want something that will make both people happy. You want to go for an option that puts you both at ease and ensures that there is an opportunity to talk and get to know each other. If you think through a first date idea and really consider the needs and wants of both parties, then it’s sure to be a hit. If however you don’t plan something that the woman will like, then it’s going to be a disaster from the start.

Top 3 Things Men and Women Notice First About Their Date

Do you ever wonder what people think of you when you meet for the first time? Does it ever puzzle you how people perceive you? Do you feel like you want to be the type of person that is instantly attractive, but you aren’t sure of how to get there? If you are like most of us then you may feel a bit uncertain as to what your date notices about you first. Once you get a hold on this you can impress any date. If you can get to a point where you fit the bill and you are true to yourself, then your first impression will always be a winning one. Try it and see for yourself!

6 Signs of True Love In Relationships

Do you ever wonder if you have found true love? Do you wish that there was a way of seeing if this was the “real deal”? Though you might not even realize it, true love may be present and very strong within your relationship.

It’s not always easy to tell, but if you can tune into some of these common signs then you might uncover that you have something truly special. It’s the way that you connect and just “get” each other that matters in the end, and therefore these are some signs to pay attention to and look for.

5 Mistakes Most Women Make That Scare Him Away From Commitment

You think that you’re a great catch, but you just aren’t finding the right guy. You feel that you bring a lot to a relationship, and yet you feel frustrated when things don’t work out yet again. What is it that you’re doing wrong? Is there some sort of mistake you are making that is keeping him from committing to you? Though he’s certainly to blame for part of it, more than likely you have to change your approach.

5 Things to Avoid in That Precious First Month of Dating

Once you get past that first step of dating, it’s all smooth sailing, right? You start to feel comfortable around each other, and so it makes for a great transition into the relationship. It is this type of thinking that can literally kill a relationship before it even has a chance to get started. That first month of dating is precious time and must still be treated with care.