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4 Helpful Tips to Make the Second Date a True Success

“The first date went well and you’re so excited about it. So now how would”
By Grace Cox June 11, 2021

4 Helpful Tips to Make the Second Date a True Success

“The first date went well and you’re so excited about it. So now how would”
By Grace Cox June 11, 2021

The first date went well and you’re so excited about it. So now how would you capture all of that positive energy? The first date is usually when you are the most nervous meeting each other for the first time and establishing some sort of foundation. So if the things went well for the first time, then the second date is just a slam dunk, right? Wrong! The problem is that many people put so much time and effort into the first date, but don’t put enough into that second date, and it matters greatly.

The second date is when you really start to build on things and consider the direction that things will head. You’ve already met for the first time and now it’s time to start taking things to a different level. You should hopefully feel much more comfortable by now and this lends way to having a really great time and getting an idea of where things may go from here. It can be a lot of fun if you allow it to be, and it can truly help to dictate what might happen from here. You never know until you try and if you are both putting yourselves out there, then this may end really well for you and build a relationship which is often the end goal!

If you are wondering how to make that second date a true success and win them over, then there are a couple of things to consider along the way. Take your dating experience easily and smoothly. Knowing these simple dating tips would surely help you with your second date.


Build on what you established in the first date

There’s a reason that you have a second date and it’s more than likely because you hit it off. Now it’s a matter of building on that and letting them into who you are. Learn more about them and really build that foundation and take it to the next level. It can be a great time to uncover little-known facts here. Check the topics to talk about on a first date and be prepared. Enjoy this and know that if the foundation continues to build that it can very easily lend itself to a budding relationship between two people that really care about each other.


Do something fun together that can bring you both out of your shell

Though you want to keep it neutral on the first date, the second date can be a bit more focused. Look for common hobbies that you may share and then focus on that for your second date. Do something fun like playing tennis, skiing, going to a comedy club, or something that allows you to be yourself and have fun with this other person (you can find a lot of great date ideas on our blog). You have much more flexibility on the second date so make it fun and keep it in a place where you can enjoy each other and talk more.


Keep the communication alive and well leading up to the second date

Don’t just drop all communication between the first and second date, for that will backfire. Keep talking to each other in between so that you build up the anticipation and excitement. This can also help you to feel more at ease with each other and truly help you to uncover if you are a match for each other or not. Talking in between dates is almost as important as the dates themselves!


Get to know them better and be yourself so that they can do the same

Learn how to be funny or to put yourself out there more than you did the first time around. This is how they can decide if things will progress so, by all means, put it all out there for them to see. Have fun, smile, be yourself, and try to take any anxiety out of the mix. The more sincere that you both are, the more that you can determine if this is a match and then see where things go from here. It’s a really fun date in the process so take the time to actually enjoy it!


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