“Nailed It!” First date jokes that will make everyone laugh

“Nailed It!” First date jokes that will make everyone laugh

They say that if a girl is laughing at your jokes (and you know they are not the best ones) she probably likes you a lot. It might be a good way to check how is she feeling about you, though better try it later, after a few dates. On the , it might be risky to challenge her with a bad sense of humour.

The problem with the first dates is that you are usually so nervous that you forget all the lines you’ve prepared in advance. So, remember the first rule to be successful on the first date and take it further: be natural! Yes, as simple as it is. Being calm and relaxed will help you to follow the stream of the date naturally.

But don’t panic! We know how hard it could be. Though, instead of preparing some cheesy jokes beforehand, think of some funny lines that will set the right mood for your date. Make it sound natural and easy so that your date will never realize you have been prepared in advance.

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So, if you are looking for some nice lines to start a conversation, here are some great first date jokes that will make your date a blast.


Turn compliments into the pick-up lines

first date jokes

You can always say that she looks beautiful today and it will be a sweet move. But you can also turn it into a funny pick-up line and make her smile as well.

“Can I take a picture of you so I can show Santa Clause what I want for Christmas?”

“So do you believe in love at first sight, or do you want me to walk by again?”

It’s very important that these lines would sound natural, not like you have learned them by heart. If you feel like it’s not your type of jokes, better move on for the next one.


Joke about common interests

first date jokes

The best ground for a joke that will definitely make your date laugh is your common interests. Joking around about your favorite movies or books is something that will not only make you both laugh but also will get you into the deep conversation.

If you are not so good at making jokes yourself, check on some special forums or websites where the fandom of your favorite topic is discussing it.


Show her memes

first date jokes

Everyone knows that it’s a perfect idea to break the ice when you are chatting online, but who says you can’t bring it offline as well? ?

Memes and funny pics are great ice-breakers that will help you to avoid the uncomfortable silence on the first date. But don’t make it the main part of your date. It’s okay to laugh once or twice but then you better come back to the conversation and enjoy the time with your date.

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Having some first date jokes to tell is a great way to start a conversation and make your date laugh. It will definitely break the ice and help you to enjoy this time more. Though, remember that having a bunch of funny jokes prepared is not everything you need to know about being on the first date.

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