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5 Ways to Impress a Woman and Make Her Laugh

“Women absolutely love funny men! There is just nothing like a funny guy that can”
By Alex Glover June 11, 2021

5 Ways to Impress a Woman and Make Her Laugh

“Women absolutely love funny men! There is just nothing like a funny guy that can”
By Alex Glover June 11, 2021

Women absolutely love funny men! There is just nothing like a funny guy that can make a woman laugh, and in some instances, this may be the most important trait that a woman may look for. Even though women mostly want a man that is good looking, smart and has substance, they also want to see that you have a sense of humor. If you know how to make her laugh then you know how to impress her and make her want to find out more about you.

The thing is that you shouldn't try too hard. If you try to be funny but you’re really not, she'll notice it. It’s not about being a standup comedian, but rather making funny observations that she can relate to. She will instantly be attracted to a man that can make her laugh naturally. That may be what drew her to you in the first place. 

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Think of what you find funny, harness that energy and then use it to help you be the guy that impresses her with the sense of humor. It’s a great way to set the right tone and to be the type of guy that she is truly interested in. You’ll be amazed how easily right jokes will impress her and make her fall for you.

So, check these 5 ways to impress any woman and make her laugh. 


Poke fun at yourself in a fun and carefree way 

You certainly don’t want to be putting yourself down, but poking fun at your own expense can work well. Simple observations or recognitions about yourself can be a fun way for her to see that you are approachable and funny. That takes the pressure off, shows her that she can feel at ease with you, and sets the perfect positive tone for the date. Win win!


Get in tune with your natural sense of humor 

Most of us have the ability to make others laugh, so get in tune with yours. If you’re naturally funny without even trying then go with it. If not then think of what makes you laugh and this can easily turn into things that make her laugh too. It’s not as hard as you might think either, just try it and see how it goes from there.


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Use an ice breaker to put you both at ease 

Trying to impress a woman usually takes a lot of courage and may make you feel nervous. However, it’s just a matter of breaking the ice with a simple joke. Use this as an ice breaker and a way of putting you both at ease. She will really like you for making things easier and more comfortable for both of you. 


Find common ground for humor to really learn how to make her laugh 

If you have spent any time chatting with each other before the first date then you have a sense of who she is. Find common ground and this includes the sense of humor, and then use this to help you in making her laugh and getting rid of the nerves.


Poke fun at ridiculous celebrity stories; just be sure never to offend 

You don’t really want to go the way of current events because you never know when you may offend. Instead, poke fun at some ridiculous celebrity story or a funny scene from your favorite movie. She will be glad to join your joke, especially if the topic is common for her as well.


A little bit of humor can go a long way. This is especially true when it comes to winning a woman over on a first date. Be natural or find ways of making her laugh, and she will be interested in you moving forward.


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