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13 Important Questions to Ask on a First Date

“First dates are not just great for flirting and having fun. It's also a good”
By Alex Glover April 28, 2021

13 Important Questions to Ask on a First Date

“First dates are not just great for flirting and having fun. It's also a good”
By Alex Glover April 28, 2021

First dates are not just great for flirting and having fun. It's also a good chance to get to know each other and even decide if you want to continue your relationships with this person or not.

It's also kind of hard to choose topics for your first date conversation as you still don't really know each other. So, if you want to find out whether it's "your person" or not and make your first date go smoothly, consider these 10 important questions to ask on a first date.


"Are you a morning or a night person?"

Is the next date going to end pretty early, because they want to be in bed before midnight, or you can stay talking all night? It's not that crucial for your future relationship but it's still important as you prefer different timing for your activities.


"What is your favorite book? / What is the last good thing you read?"

By asking this simple question, you'll find out a lot. First, if they read at all. Second, if they can explain their thought beautifully and can speak better than a college freshman. Third, you can discuss this book if you've read it and at the same time see if you have matching interests.


"What's something you are dying to try?"

Firstly, it will help you to get to know them better. By knowing the biggest dream, you can tell a lot about a person. Asking this question would either give you common ground for your future conversations or make it clear that it's probably not meant to be.


"Do you like your job?"

This question may reveal a lot about this person's personality type. If they love their job, it's more likely that they are more happy and satisfied in their personal life. If they don't like the job but are going to change it soon, it shows that they are quite ambitious and determined. And if they don't like their job and do nothing but moan about it, it might not be the type of person you'd like.


"Where would you like to travel in the next 3 years?"

You will see if they are dreamers and explorers as much as you are. At the same time, it's also a good way to check on their personality, and even indirectly find out how much do they earn.


"Are you a cat or a dog person?"

It's also a good way to learn more about their personality and to find out if they have any pets. If you have any animal-based allergies or just strong pet preferences, it could be very useful information. What is more, from now on you'll be more aware of what is better to send him while chatting: cute cats or funny dogs videos :)


"Where do you usually spend time with your friends?"

Friends are the people who make you go wild. So, it's the easiest way to find out if he/she is a party animal or a gamer, or maybe just doesn't have any friends. It could also become a common ground for your conversation if you like doing the same things in your free time.


"What is your favorite band/TV show/music/movie/book?"

It's not only that you want to know him better and find out if you have some common interests. They can tell you much more than just naming the title of their favorite book or TV show. When people talk about things they like, they're becoming very passionate about it and can show themselves from a completely different side.


"How often do you see your family?"

Firstly, you'll find out if they still live with their family. Also, it's a good check whether your match is a family person or not. It may deeply influence your future relationships as the family might be the most important part of their life and you wouldn't be in the first place for them.


"What does a typical day look like for you?"

You can discover how much time do they spend on their job and what do they do in their free time. This question sounds fun but at the same time shows a lot about their life preferences. And if you want to find out more about their career, after this question you don't even need to ask - it usually comes out naturally.

"What do you want for your future?"

This is where you get to see what their future plan is and it can help to set the tone. You’re not directly asking about marriage and kids, but you are asking them to create a picture of what they want down the road. It can tell you if they have professional or personal aspirations and really shed some light on what makes them the way they are. It also ensures that you make a good decision if you want to keep things going, for their future plans will help to dictate if this is a match or not. It’s a low-pressure way to ask an important question.

"What is your best way to spend spare time?"

This tells you about their hobbies and their interests. It shows you if they are a workaholic or if they take the time to enjoy life. It tells you if they are somebody who likes to be with loved ones or if they are a bit of a loner. Though you may not realize it, this question helps to set the tone for who they are as a person. Beyond their profession, the way an individual spends their spare time can speak volumes. So this question can shed some light on who they are and if they are somebody you want to spend more time with. You won’t give it all away, but you will learn if they will ever be that into you.

"What would your friends and family say about you?"

This gives your date an opportunity to talk about those close to them, and that speak volumes even through body language alone. This gives them a chance to speak to what makes them a good person or put themselves down a bit. This shows you if they have a sense of humor or if they take life too seriously. When they are asked to talk about themselves but in this guarded way, it really ensures that you learn what you need to learn and decide if you want to keep dating beyond this first encounter.


It doesn't mean that you must ask all these questions on your first date. Choose a few of them that you would like to get answers to, and let your date flow easily and naturally.


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