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Is It Time to Move Your Dating From Online to Real Life?

“You have been searching for weeks on your dating app and now you've finally found”
By Grace Cox April 9, 2018

Is It Time to Move Your Dating From Online to Real Life?

“You have been searching for weeks on your dating app and now you've finally found”
By Grace Cox April 9, 2018

You have been searching for weeks on your dating app and now you've finally found the one who'll make your perfect match. And here comes one of the most important questions in online dating: how fast should you meet this person face-to-face?

It might seem that chatting and getting to know each other better before the meeting is safer and gives you more chances to be close enough emotionally when you finally meet in real life. Though, life does not always go the way we imagine. For some people, it's really necessary to find out as much as possible about that another person before making him or her part of their life. For others, waiting for too long may end up in losing all the passion and interest in their possible future partner.

The thing is if you are chatting non-stop and talk about different topics, it creates some kind of connection between you two. A fake sense of intimacy. Why is it fake? Even though you might start feeling that you know each other for ages and you've never had someone as close to you as this person, there will never be a real sense of intimacy between you until you meet in person. The real intimacy should not only be about telling something that no one knows about you but should also include a physical aspect of looking into each other's eyes and maybe a light gentle touch.

So, what is the best time to meet this another person from online dating app? We will tell you later. But first, you need to ask yourself some questions that are essential before meeting someone from the Internet in real life.


Do you really know him/her so well? 

Yes, you have some common interests and you've probably talked about your backgrounds but do you really know this person well enough to meet in real life? Do some research beforehand. Explore his/her social networks, check if you have common friends, look for their family members. Remember that no matter how bonded you feel together, safety comes first! Another thing is to look through your conversation. If this is the guy and he makes a lot of sexual comments or jokes and you're not interested in it, use it as a sign to cut the conversation. Not to mention that you should never give any personal information as your passwords or your home address to a stranger.

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Are you comfortable enough?

You should meet with your online dating partner only if you are comfortable with it. If you don't feel that it is time or maybe you are not that sure about this person, you better talk about it clearly and postpone it to the time you'll be ready. You don't need to have unstoppable chats two weeks straight. Though it would help if you'd have chats at least 2-3 days before the meeting and ask each other questions that will help you to find more about each other. Generally, you need to know at least something about this person to be interested in them enough to meet in real life.


Do you have a date idea in mind?

You may think that it's not the most important question right now and you can think about it later. Well, that would be a big mistake. There is no sense in asking someone out if you don't really have any particular plan in mind. You know how many dates have never happened after the phrase: "Let's go for a drink sometime". If you truly want it to happen, make your plans more specific: "There is a new art exhibition opening this Sunday. I think you gonna like it. Wanna visit?", "I've heard this new drama movie is really good! I can buy tickets for this Friday". Being more specific will also give your date a chance to plan their own week and decide for sure if they want to meet you in real life or not.

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Answering these question will help you to realize how fast you should meet with people from a dating app. Though, if you are looking for a direct answer to the question "When to meet in real life", here it is: as soon as possible! According to American researchers, the best time to meet a stranger you want to date is up to 23 days. Of course, it wouldn't be a good idea to date someone you know just one day, but chatting for more than 2 weeks before your real date may become critical and significantly influence your future relationship.

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