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13 Reasons to Try Online Dating

“When you are thinking about the easiest way to find new good friends or even”
By Alex Glover May 3, 2021

13 Reasons to Try Online Dating

“When you are thinking about the easiest way to find new good friends or even”
By Alex Glover May 3, 2021

When you are thinking about the easiest way to find new good friends or even a new relationship what comes first to your mind? Of course online dating!

The internet has become the third most common way to meet a significant other, outranked only by meeting through a mutual friend or relative and meeting in school or the workplace.  Last year, 17% of marriages consisted of couples that met on the internet, and 20% of current relationships were begun online.

Online dating may have initially been curiosity or the domain of desperate computer nerds, but it has definitely gone mainstream.  Part of the reason for this is because the internet itself has gone mainstream.  Everyone is online, be it banking, shopping, bill paying, e-mailing, social networking, or watching movies and videos.

The internet is just another way to communicate, and online dating is a logical extension of communication.  Think of it as an invitation to get to know someone a little better.   The dating sites are dedicated to helping you find a person you might like to meet.  Haven't tried online dating yourself?  Here are ten reasons you might want to give them a try.

You can be truly honest about who you are

Traditional dating often means that you are pretending to be somebody that you really aren’t. You feel guarded, you feel insecure, and you often put on a front to overcompensate. Rather than going this route which never ends well, it can be quite beneficial to instead use online dating to be truthful with who you really are. The online dating profile is the best way to create a snapshot of who you are, and then it makes for an easy springboard into honest dating once and for all.

You get to chat with somebody and build a comfort level before you ever meet

Imagine a first date without the anxiety and stress! That’s what online dating does for you because you get a chance to “meet” before that first date ever happens. You can talk to this person in a safe and secure online dating environment and get to know them first. You build up a comfort level so by the time that first date comes around; it’s a welcome way of meeting each other.

You can easily be more selective in who you date and who is a match for you

Traditional dating often starts with uncertainty and a very broad pool of potential suitors. You may meet by chance or may even be set up, and so there is no common ground before the date. You get to narrow your search dramatically when you opt for online dating. You can be selective, narrow your search based on certain criteria, and therefore find a much better match in the end.

You are in control of the dating experience

You decide what sites to visit, how much or how little information to add to your personal profile and even what name you want to use. And you need only reply to those potential dates that appeal to you. If you change your mind or meet someone in the meantime, you can withdraw your profile altogether.

You don't have to leave home

You can get to know someone without having to go on a date, with all of the nerve-wracking decisions that imply.  No worries about what to wear, where to go, what to do, or what to say.  You can take all the time you need to get to know the person before or even if you decide to meet them for a date at all.

There is a huge increase in the pool of potential dates

Even if you keep your dating preferences within your city, chances are you will meet someone you wouldn't have met in your day-to-day activities.   Comedian Aziz Ansari said his friend was getting married to a woman he met online and the friend had only two requirements for his date search: within 15 miles of his home and Jewish. It is a funny story and most likely true; it leads us to the next reason to try online dating.

You can find a site that matches people with the same background

There are Christian, Jewish, Catholic, LDS (Mormon), and any number of sites that focus on specific religious beliefs. There are sites for certain age groups,  ethnicities, LBGT,  singles with children, and so on.

There are sites that focus entirely on interests

There is a site for people who consider themselves farmers, sites for "Cougars", or older women who like young men, BBW sites for men who like full-figured women, sites for anime enthusiasts and sites for people who dress as animals, or "furries". The variety of interest sites is endless.

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Sites can find someone for you based on compatibility

There are very popular dating sites that use compatibility tests to match you with someone that has like values and interests. They are more expensive, but many people have found successful relationships using these websites.


The more prominent dating sites may have costs associated with them, but may also provide background checks for their members. This goes a long way in providing a level of safety for their website users.


You may not find the love of your life right away but think of the fun and anticipation each day will bring as you wait for replies or responses to your profile.  You may even decide to alter your profile to heighten the number of responses you receive.  There is the potential to have fun meeting people and chatting online even if you never meet in person.

Widening your circle of experience

Every experience in life brings with it new discoveries and challenges. You might be introduced to a new activity, learn a new hobby or become aware of a new culture just by opening yourself to new thoughts, ideas, and people.

There is nothing to lose

If you are going home alone each night and feeling lonely, what do you have to lose by possibly chatting with and getting to know another person who perhaps is feeling the same? It could lead to nothing, or it could be the beginning of something wonderful.

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