What his body language says: physical signs he wants to kiss you

What his body language says: physical signs he wants to kiss you

Sometimes body language speaks louder than voice and there are some good reasons why you should pay attention to them. It would be really nice if the men you like would make this first move but sometimes you just getting tired of waiting. 

If you want to be really sure that he likes you, you need to recognize these signs yourself. It’s actually not that difficult if you take a deeper look at the science of body language and facial expressions. And sometimes it could be hard to predict if he loves you in general. But what you can do for sure is to say if he wants to you ‘right here, right now’.

So, take a look at these 5 physical signs he wants to kiss you right now. 


His pupils dilate

Dilated pupils are the first sign that you really attract him. If you are not in a too dark place and you notice his pupils delating – be sure he is totally into you! And it’s very likely that he is going to kiss you right now. 
Also, if you’re close enough to see his pupil, you’re close enough to be kissed. So here we come to another sign.


He is getting closer to you

Getting into someone’s personal space without feeling uncomfortable is a sure sign that this person is attracted to you. Though, he also won’t get closer without any reason. And when he doesn’t stop on just getting closer and starts being touchy – it’s a sign that he has made one step forward to kiss you.
So if you’ve noticed that the distance between you two is getting smaller, help him with your body language as well: stand firm and don’t back away as he gets closer. You would really make this step easier for your man.


He licks his lips

It is one of the surest signs that he wants to kiss you. The first explanation for licking the lips is that you are nervous. And why would he suddenly feel nervous around you? Maybe because he wants to kiss you? 😉
And of course, licking lips is one of the most obvious signs that he wants to kiss you as it’s a good way to draw your attention to his lips and also not to keep them dry when he finally dares to kiss you. 


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He can’t take his eyes off you

There is a common rule that if he is staring at your lips it’s a true sign that he wants to kiss you. Well, it true but it’s not only about your lips. In general, if he is looking deeply into your eyes or listening to you very carefully it’s a good sign that he is attracted to you. 


He is getting quiet

It’s kind of hard to kiss you when you can’t stop talking don’t you think? 😉 So if your man suddenly got much quieter it could be a sign he is waiting for a perfect moment to kiss you. So, stop for a while and let him use this moment. 


Although all these body language signs are very true and definitely would work if you’d decide to check them on your man, don’t forget to help him with your body language as well. Show him that you are also interested in him and ready for the next step. It would not only help him to finally kiss you but also will show him your affection (men are also wondering whether girls like them or not).


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