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5 Ways to Say "I Love You" Without Even Saying a Word

“How often do you say to your loved ones that you love them? If you”
By Eleanor Dyer June 11, 2021
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5 Ways to Say "I Love You" Without Even Saying a Word

“How often do you say to your loved ones that you love them? If you”
By Eleanor Dyer June 11, 2021

How often do you say to your loved ones that you love them? If you say it every day, the meaning of this words fades and doesn't bring the same meaning anymore. And if you don't say it often enough, you partner starts losing the feeling of love and support in your relationship. Though, you should know that your manners, your actions, and your body language can say more than you realize. Though you may not necessarily intend to, you are telling them that you love them every time you act a certain way. We say so much with the way that we conduct ourselves around our significant other.

No matter what stage of the relationship you may be at, your body language is saying so much more than words ever could. This is interesting and maybe slightly scary all at the same time. Don’t let it scare you, just know how to focus your intentions into the way that you hold yourself around them and you’ll speak volumes. You will tell them how you feel and they will be sure to reciprocate, and the rest is a beautiful history!


Smile at each other

One simple but a well-planned smile can say so much. You are telling them that you care about them. You are telling them that you feel happy with them. You are embracing the moment and showing all of this by looking them in the eyes and smiling at them. You may not even plan this for smiles may just come naturally. Know that your smile and the way that you look at them when you do smile can speak volumes and prove that you are way into them.

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A gentle but meaningful hug speaks volumes

It’s not a hug shared between friends, it’s one that means so much more. It’s a hug that connects you and that lingers just a little bit longer. It’s a hug that says how you feel without you ever having to articulate it. This is a hug that draws you both in closer together and shows that there is a strong emotion and strong connection shared. That shows that there is a lot of love there and that this is something far more than just friends.


Grabbing each other’s hand

It may be an involuntary motion that you don’t even realize that you are doing. You may be in a crowd and reach for each other’s hand to help one another through. It may be that the two of you are caught in a happy moment and you involuntary reach for the other person’s hand. It may just be a further way of connecting and staying in touch with one another and it speaks to the love present.


Touching their back

This touch says that you are drawn to each other. This touch speaks to many emotions running high. This touch says that you are connected to each other and that there is a lot of love present. Therefore, if you touch the small of their back or if they do the same, then this indicates a lot of love in the relationship.


Standing close and leaning into each other

The proximity of how you stand towards each other says a lot. It’s as if you’re leaning in for a kiss even when you’re not. The way that you stand in relation to each other can speak to your connection. It’s a really subtle way of saying you love each other and it helps to bridge the gap at the same time. It’s a really cool way of connecting and these all add up to a lot of love without the words ever being said!

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