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5 Signs He Wants to Kiss You Right Now

“It’s that moment that you look forward to and worry about at the end of”
By Alex Glover June 11, 2021

5 Signs He Wants to Kiss You Right Now

“It’s that moment that you look forward to and worry about at the end of”
By Alex Glover June 11, 2021

It’s that moment that you look forward to and worry about at the end of every first date. You want that moment of truth where you get the kiss and decide if this person is right for you. It’s so important to try your best to stay ahead of this, and yet you can find yourself wondering every single time. Don’t you wish that there were some telltale signs that he wanted to kiss you? Wouldn’t it be nice if he would just show you in some way that he wanted to go in for the kiss? Surprisingly enough there are some telltale signs and if you are in tune with them, you can tell when that kiss is coming.

Sure the most obvious time for that first kiss is at the end of the date. The reality is though that he may decide much earlier on that he wants to kiss you, and he may be sending you signals like crazy. He may not necessarily be saying it with his words, but he is telling you everything he needs to say with his body language. When you feel that chemistry and that electricity, it’s not usually just your imagination. There is something real and almost palpable in the air, and he is telling you undoubtedly that he wants to kiss you. This can be exciting, and so you want to turn it into a positive thing for both of you!

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There is nothing to fear and everything to enjoy here, for this is a really exciting moment in a relationship. You want to be sure that you are open to this and that you know the telltale signs so you can prepare yourself. Here are some signs that he wants to kiss you at this very moment—so be ready for it, be in tune with what he’s trying to tell you, and prepare for what could be a very pivotal point in the relationship.

He keeps staring at your lips 

Oh, this can tell you everything that you need to know! He is staring at your lips and quite honestly can’t take his eyes off of them. It feels like he’s staring at every word that comes out of your lips as a matter of fact. He is quite literally focusing in on what he wants to kiss and he’s trying to tell you with this action that he’s going to go in for the kiss soon. He’s almost asking for permission, so if you see him staring at your lips then get ready for the kiss is coming soon.

He is maintaining serious and intense eye contact 

He can also hold your gaze for quite a lengthy amount of time. He is looking deep into your eyes, and it may even feel like he sees your soul. This isn’t cheesy nor is it your imagination, but it can tell you what his intentions are. Eye contact is always a good thing, and it’s particularly so when you come to this point in the date too.

He has closed his proximity and is standing close to you 

It’s not just your imagination, for he truly is standing closer to you. It’s almost as if he wants to close the gap between the two of you, and therefore he’s doing it with just his body to do that. It’s not a bad or aggressive way, but rather a way that says that he wants to get closer to you to deliver that first kiss.

He gives you a gentle touch on the arm or small of the back 

Oh, it’s that first touch that can send electricity throughout your body. It’s very subtle but it says so much. It will generally come on the arm, but it can even come on the small of the back sometimes. Let this tell you what you need to know and prepare yourself for a great kiss.

He’s smiling at you and his body language is showing some serious interest 

It’s almost as if his eyes and his whole body is telling you that he wants this. It’s like he doesn’t have to utter a word, but his body language tells the story. You can be ready for that kiss because he has likely been giving you the subtle cues to tell you it’s coming your way.

Being in tune with the first kiss can make for a wonderful situation. Just know that it’s coming and prepare for it, and there are likely to be wonderful things ahead. Let his signs tell you when it’s coming and then you can prepare for something hopefully great.


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