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Single Women Looking For Men In Monticello, GA

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Dating woman in Monticello, Georgia, United States


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  • Ja


    Woman. 44 years old. Zodiac sign: Sagittarius.

    Looking for: man. In age: 41-51

    Ive done the whole dating men Im only attracted to physically and dated men that were my friends but won't do it again. I need a man with personality. And dating a friend should always "just stay as friends" or else it would be like dating my brother lol.I'm selective in who I talk to, meet, and date, also why I'm rarely ever on this site. Used to like this site lol somewhat, but I'm more into living life outside this site. Single since 3 months and before that 2 months, just never found the man that makes me melt from his touch and fulfills my needs. Possessive men, immature men, or men who have too many hours dedicated to work aren't for me. Relationships take work which means you have no time for one.I say what I want when I want ;) lol. I know what I like and what I don't like.; Nothing too intense just a quick meetBUT......If you think with your little head in your pants and not with your heart you're not for me. Man whores don't interest me..I'm not into a guy that easily puts out for all of gp lol ;)

  • Steven


    Woman. 45 years old. Zodiac sign: Cancer.

    Looking for: man. In age: 42-52

    ME: kind, considerate, fit, fun, emotionally available, a great friend (references available upon request), familiar with my kitchen, a gracious hostess, educated and employed in a career, an NFL fan although assistance is required as relatively new to the sport, a heel aficionado and collector of such, live music junkie, organized with a little OCD tossed in. Add some wanderlust to the mix for good measure!YOU: kind, considerate, fit, tall, fun, have kids, educated with a career you love and not just a job, can distinguish between dining and eating and enjoy wine with the former, chivalrous, possess a wicked sense of humour, have ability to navigate a computer and smart phone, possess both, NFL fan with the patience to teach me more about the game, a tattoo or 2 is kinda sexy, spend time outdoors, have a sense of adventure and a love of travelling.US: we rock!Only gentlemen with game need apply. One that leads to another!

  • Lysanne


    Woman. 44 years old. Zodiac sign: Virgo.

    Looking for: man. In age: 41-51

    I\'m passionate, easy going, down to earth, no drama, direct to the point who believes in friendship, love, faithfulness, honesty, and family. I came here to find and create a large loving family.

  • Natividad


    Woman. 41 years old. Zodiac sign: Pisces.

    Looking for: man. In age: 38-48

    Fairly new to town and not having much success meeting people. So let's see... hobbies; road trips up the lake, wait, that's probably not a 'hobby' per say, that might fall under goals and aspirations. Actually, my aspiration is to boat across the lake and look for gold lol. Hmm, what makes me unique is that I seem to belong nowhere, as in I have no roots except to say that I'm Canadian. Taste in music is easy; I like good music. It should be mentioned that I tend to go for younger men.. and some knowledge of the rave scene would simplify things. If you don't know what dubstep is then don't bother messaging me. :)UPDATElol meetville, I can now say that I don't want the every guy who's likes are everything outdoorsy.. ugh! Enough ! Are you guys looking for a hunting partner or a woman to share the meat with?haha ;) ***

  • Monet


    Woman. 43 years old. Zodiac sign: Scorpio.

    Looking for: man. In age: 40-50

    WANTED:Single white male with strong back.No younger than 40.....!Tall.... (I don't like to bend over, should I decide to kiss you. That's not to say.... if you are Him... that you can't bend me over a barrel or the kitchen sink...!!) But..... not on the first date !!!Skill set required:Hammering, nailing, screwing.......pounding.Yes..... Good guess !!!Must be able to carry on intelligent conversation.Versatility, patience and a connection to nature.....all assets.Inquires to meetville..... if you think you have the spine :)I have pics... not posted... due to weirdos :( All that glitters is not Gold. My most valuable experiences...have never been co$tly. I like surprises :) .... and ice cream. ...and dirt..... bring your shovel :)

  • Aundria


    Woman. 45 years old. Zodiac sign: Leo.

    Looking for: man. In age: 42-52

    Life challenges you every day. Enjoy and appreciate that you are still around to take them on. Message me I am interested in creating new memories.Please do not message me if you do not have a photo and if you are not interested in a long-term relationship. My children are now grown and it is time for me to find that special someone to spend the rest of my life with. I look forward to meeting a true gentlemen. If you are looking for a discrete relationship please don't message me. I'm not into hiding or keeping it secret.Please no more games. If you want a relationship than want a complete relationship. I want a complete relationship.

  • Shanell


    Woman. 43 years old. Zodiac sign: Gemini.

    Looking for: man. In age: 40-50

    Maybe there is someone on here who can make me believe again. If you are not into finding a serious relationship, you might want to look elsewhere. I'm not looking for any kind of 'hook-up', 'hanging out' or 'one-night stands'!! That is just not me. I am definitely the kind of person who likes being in a relationship, but it does not define who I am. I like having someone who I can depend on, but doesn't stop me from being me. I don't know what would make me unique, so I will just give a few tidbits about myself. My family is mostly of Irish/English/Scottish descent with a little bit of Luxembourg thrown into the mix! I identify more with my Black Irish roots, though!!! My friends would say that I am a loyal and trustworthy friend, who would do almost anything for them. (within reason!) Most of my friends, I have had since high school. Even though we may not live in the same city, we are always there for one another. They would probably also say that I have a quirky, warped and sometimes highly inappropriate sense of humour! I can take a innocent comment and totally turn it into something else altogether. I try not to do this too often, because some people may take it the wrong way!!! I have most definitely put my foot in my mouth a time or two(thank god I don't have big feet!!!) But I can still think it!!! I definitely need someone who can make me laugh, because laughter makes the world go around!! hahahaha!!! :) I am not really a bar person, but I do go out on the rare occassion.; 7 is my happy little friend when I do go out, so watch out!! LOL!!!! Ok, so I also like sambuca, kaluha and wine. But not altogether! That would just be asking for a nasty hangover. I have only had one hangover in my life, and don't want another anytime soon!!!! LOL!!!!I have 3(or 4, depending!!) tattoos. One is a tree- If you want to know what they mean, you are just going to have to get to know me better to find out. My tattoos mean something personal to me, so to share them and their meaning would be personal too. If you ask, I may tell, but then maybe I won't!! You're just going have to find out that one on your own. :)I work hard at my job and have made great friends through work. My friends and family are the most important people in my life right now, especially my daughter. She is my only child(and my rock) and she wants her mom to be with someone who will treat her how she deserves to be treated. After raising and supporting my daughter, it is now time for me to find that one special guy who can make me believe in love again. No crap,no lying, no head games, just love, respect, honesty, compassion, companionship, monogamous(big one, for meLOL!!! I'm a very touchy-feely person, I like being able to be physically close to "my guy", (not clingy or groping). Hugs, kisses, random touches just because you can, definitely are up my alley! Cuddling/snuggling is a must!!Now, do you really want to know about my taste in music? hmmmmm..... Not really into heavy metal, unless it's AC/DC, then we can talk!!! Rap, I can do without most of the time, but some of it is okay.I usually like guys who are taller than me (5'9" or taller), makes it easier to snuggle into someone :) I'm not really into guys who have longer hair than me, short is almost always better!Well, if there is anything else that you want to know, just ask me because I have no idea what else to write. Maybe I'll add more at another time, but that's it for now. Oh, wait, one other thing, I look a little different than that most recent profile picture. Honestly!!! When first meeting new people I can sometimes be a little shy and quiet, but I am trying hard to do things outside of my comfort zone. Once I open up, it can be a whole different story!Just for your information, I don't play pool, or golf(except mini golf!) or want anything to do with motorcycles. Just not into these things. Use to play pool when I was younger, and bored myself stupid! Sorry guys, but just can't see myself ever playing again. (watching someone else play is a whole different story though!) Oh, I also don't like beer, could never acquire a taste for it. Sorry!! One last thing, to all the guys out there that take their own picture in a mirror, get someone else to take your picture, you will look a hell of a lot better!Thanks for taking the time to read this. If you're interested, you know what to do!! :) Talk to you soon!!!NaomiPS. If you want to meet me, you might have to run a gauntlet of family and friends, because they are very protective of me and won't put up with someone who they think is all wrong for me. You have be warned!!! hahahaha!!!! Don't worry about that too much because it's not like you have to meet them first before meeting me!!! :) They might try to, though!!! So if we meet and you feel like someone is watching you, you'll know why!!! Just kidding!! (I think!!)Please include a picture, as I like to know who I am talking to. Share and share alike!!! Since I seem to be having troubles downloading other photos, try finding me on *** for Naomi Angela Kerrie.Btw, my profile may say that I'm Catholic because that is how I was raised, but I am not a practicing Catholic. Not a coffee drinker, so that won't work!!! Meeting in a bar is probably also out(neighborhood pubs, maybe), because that is just weird to me. We will figure something out, so don't worry!! Something that we can both agree on mutually. I do love walking the breakwater or the beach, so maybe we can try that. Get something to drink and then walking and talking without any pressures would be a good thing! :)

  • Keren


    Woman. 42 years old. Zodiac sign: Taurus.

    Looking for: man. In age: 39-49

    I am a very good, caring, loyal, honest woman. Just looking for the same in life and a partner. Just a coffee or we talk about it

  • Ozella


    Woman. 41 years old. Zodiac sign: Taurus.

    Looking for: man. In age: 38-48

    And...hello. I feel I should mention that I am seeking a relationship *ultimately* but not on the first date.-brew heaven.My family is hilarious and I love them dearly. Sometimes I swear more than I should.I play to win.I once broke my wrist on a second date.I love punctuation but I hate spelling.I try to eat right but if cheese and pasta are wrong then being right isn't very much fun is it?I have a Princess Leia bobblehead on the dashboard of my car, which is from ***the car, not the bobble head).I love to camp and stare at the ocean and the mountains but I am a die-hard urban girl.Some questions for you:Have you been through some stuff and know what's really important?Are you passionate about something?If you play poker, do you like losing to a girl?Do you love being somewhere you've never been?Can you handle a girl who is stubborn, independent, sensitive and kind of a *** you are still reading, drop me a note. Matching tattoos obviously.

  • Septima


    Woman. 42 years old. Zodiac sign: Sagittarius.

    Looking for: man. In age: 39-49

    I am a Tom boy at heart, I love to get dirty, camping, quading, going for canoe trips.............but I do clean up pretty well and enjoy going to a movie or staying home and cuddling on the couch! If you want to know more just ask! What ever we decide on!



How does your perfect woman look? Is it a young blonde with dazzling hair? Do you prefer older ladies or those with specific religious beliefs? Your preference is not that important on Meetville. As long as you dream about women looking for men in Monticello, Georgia, United States this platform is your best bet.

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