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Best Gay Dating Sites & Apps to Try in 2021

“Badoo, Tinder, and other popular dating apps offer millions of options for potential couples. But”
By Alex Glover April 26, 2021

Best Gay Dating Sites & Apps to Try in 2021

“Badoo, Tinder, and other popular dating apps offer millions of options for potential couples. But”
By Alex Glover April 26, 2021
Badoo, Tinder, and other popular dating apps offer millions of options for potential couples. But here is a problem: the primary audience of such services is straight. Yes, you can always go to settings in your profile and choose what and who you are looking for, but the search results will be pretty sparse.
 First, not everyone is ready to come out with their orientation to all the people from their environment. Tinder, by the way, works exactly like that: the application often shows you the people you could have met in real life.
That is why LGBTQ+ people always need dating services that would become a safe space for users. Here are the best of them to try in 2021.


PlanetRomeo is a primary international gay dating site founded in 2002 in Germany. An exciting fact: the entire administration and staff of the portal are gay, bisexual, or trans. And the main principle inherent in the site management system is tolerance, respect, freedom of thought and self-expression.


eDarling is Europe's leading straight and gay dating service focused on building solid and lasting relationships. The project has a special algorithm for finding a suitable partner and compatibility analysis. It was founded in 2008 and currently has over 13 million users. On this service, a user's profile looking for a partner of the same sex will be visible only to selected gay candidates. This means that your private life is totally protected from public view.


Grindr is a popular gay dating app that is simple and extremely popular. It was released in 2009 and offers a wide variety of users. The search results show photos of the users, ranked according to their distance from you. If you click on the picture, a short version of a profile will appear, and you will have the opportunity to send him a message. You can see if a person is online, add someone to favorites, etc. Registration is required.


Maleforce is an advanced dating app that has a chat feature. You can also call the selected user via an anonymous number and add a photo and a video to your profile. Moreover, they allow private content. The audience is not very large, about 500,000 people, but the application is growing.


Hornet is a social network for gays. It is used by over 25 million people worldwide. There are not many settings and filters in the interface, but you can indicate your HIV status. In addition to the application, the service has a website. The platform offers high security, good moderation, and high confidentiality.


Bender is another dating app for gays. Here you can view user profiles and send them various content - videos, voice messages, photos. There is a chat with a built-in translator, many filters for finding a partner, a profile tracking system, the ability to evaluate other people's photos and profiles. At the same time, the application allows you to receive messages even when offline. The audience numbers up to 1 million people.
There are lots of mobile apps - this is probably the most convenient and fastest way to find a partner. Almost all of them have a geolocation function, so they can be used even when traveling.
Getting bored? Just take out your smartphone and see who is next to you. Also, many platforms moderate content very carefully and pay great attention to user safety, especially in countries where the LGBT community is not accepted by many.
In addition to the above sites and applications, there are various message boards, closed groups on social networks, etc. The main thing is not to fall into despair because your private life is your business. And if you have already tried all the services described above and haven't still found a partner, give Meetville a chance to help you! Sign up right now and start dating local gays in your area!
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