The Torture of Choosing

The Torture of Choosing

In most cases people come to online dating websites when they are single and look for someone to fill the empty place in their life. But sometimes it happens that it’s much better to be single than to face the problem of choosing between two partners. Before making any decisions stop and carefully weigh all the pros and cons of staying with one of them. But unfortunately it’s much easier said than done. Sometimes it may take you years to choose your one and only and stay with him.

What to do:
Compare their temperaments. Who of them is more compatible with you? They say opposites may attract, but everything is absolutely individual and who knows maybe this is not about you. Define what you want from your partner and what qualities he should possess.

Carefully evaluate your life expectations: whether you want to have children soon, your religious backgrounds, your vision of the future family etc. Whose life expectations are closer to yours?
Ask your friends or family for advice. There are no people who know you better, so you may trust them, though of course you shouldn’t blindly follow their advice.

Examine your feelings about their families and friends. Up-bringing is a very important factor that has a great impact on our beliefs and values development. Moreover, keep in mind that you may spend a lot of time with them in future.

If you’ve already done all the things enumerated and still don’t know who is your one and only, then maybe you need neither of them?

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7 thoughts on “The Torture of Choosing”

  • I know it’s tempting to choose a person based on their looks. 🙁 But something you learn very quickly in life is that looks change over time. Someone that is very sexy quickly becomes tubby and droopy. What stays constant is the way a person is – their interests and personality.

  • if you are serious about someone and can truly feel that you love them, do they even love you back? Are they someone who will keep you happy for the rest of your life or only temporarily? A relationship needs mutual understanding and mutual love and support. One who will never think ill of you is one who you will definitely feel great with.

  • Think of who is the one that listens to you, who really does care about you, who will hold you in his arms for a million years even if he didn’t have to…the one who makes you smile or laugh….choose the one who has that has the best personality is what mostly counts…;)

  • If your partner and lover were both drowning, who would you save?
    Which of them can you truly imagine living without?
    Then you know

  • You should trust your heart at all costs and listen to what it has to say. Your heart will guide you in the right direction towards eternal happiness with your partner. If you ignore what your heart says, you will find much regret in the future as your heart’s feelings will never go away.

  • The best partner is a best friend – someone who truly enjoys doing the things you enjoy doing. Sure, you can always learn about new things together. It can be great fun to take a new course together and both learn a new skill. If one of your partners simply has no interest in the things you do, that’s a warning sign.

  • Try to think which person has a similar way of thinking as you or at least a way of thought that suits your way of thought.

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