Struggles of Dating an Introverted Man

Struggles of Dating an Introverted Man

When you start an introverted man, you probably don’t fully realize how this fact will influence your relationship. Firstly, it’s important to distinguish the terms an introverted man and a shy man. The main difference is that shy men lack confidence and introverted men are confident in their need to stay alone. Again, staying alone doesn’t always mean being single. An introverted man, like any other man, dreams about being loved and having a reliable partner. They just need a little more personal space than others.

Dating an introverted man will totally change your life. Is your idea of a perfect weekend to hang out with friends or visiting family? For him, a perfect weekend is for solitude. You surely want to spend most of your free time together but for him 1-2 evenings a week is enough.  Though, if you are seriously thinking about dating and developing your relationship with an introverted man, you should consider the following rules.

Sometimes, you just need to live him alone

Introverted men just need a little bit more time alone. They need to “recharge” and get some new energy to communicate with people again. So, giving him some free time to spend by himself will only help both of you to appreciate your relationship even more.

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Introverts are not all socially awkward

A lot of introverts actually like hanging out with friends and spending time with family. It doesn’t mean that they interact with people in any other way that extroverts but they just get tired of people more quickly.

Don’t blame him for spending time with his friends instead of you

It’s okay that he wants to hang out with his friends from time to time. Don’t be jealous of it. A guy’s night out is totally different from spending time with a girlfriend. And as his communication circle is quite limited, he still needs people to hang out with except you.

Introverts are not weirdos

It’s just part of their personality. You don’t think someone’s weird when they like grapes and not oranges. Here it’s the same.  Try to understand that he is just this way and there is nothing bad about him being an introvert. As soon as you accept that this is a part of his nature, it will be easier to understand him and his needs.

Don’t force him to hang out with your friends

It doesn’t mean that he doesn’t like your friends or family. But let’s be honest. If he spends most of his working time with people around, he just wouldn’t feel good about spending most of his time with people he doesn’t know or doesn’t really want to spend time with.

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Dating an introverted man may seem frustrated at first but be sure you will be rewarded with things you will never have with any other man. Introverted man tends to be more loyal and ready to commit in a relationship. You will be surprised how passionate, loving and caring they may be.

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