Online Dating and Sex Life During Coronavirus

Online Dating and Sex Life During Coronavirus

We will all agree that there are hardly any positive aspects of the current pandemic situation. However, one crucial thing that the coronavirus health crisis has highlighted is the importance of human communication.

Who would have thought that during the crisis, online dating will be among the priority things like toilet paper, antiseptic, and Netflix subscription? But it turned out that COVID-19 influenced the fact that people began to make new acquaintances and communicate online during self-isolation. And when it might seem that isolation and social distance would put a dent in dating lives, the opposite happened. Many dating apps have already recorded an increase in sign-ups and interactions on their services. And instead of the usual swiping and liking, people are more likely to start conversations with new people.

Before the coronavirus, everyone got used to just texting, but now audio and video calls are gaining more and more popularity. You can stay safe and arrange a date without leaving home. There are many services where it is possible to go on dates online or just call someone if you feel bored and lonely on self-isolation.

Here is a list of great tips on how to arrange a virtual date:

  • Act as if you’re on a real face-to-face date. Dress up, do a hairstyle, use perfume. It will get you in the date night mood.
  • Make sure the backdrop for your video chat looks pretty, and the room is tidy.
  • Be creative and come up with activities that you can do together on video chat.
  • Do not forget about the charger and keep it nearby. You never know when a battery can drain.
  • If you usually go on dates to a restaurant or cafe, you can order food and drinks online by using delivery services. Or you can also think about cooking up a special meal ‘together’ each in your own kitchen.
  • If you are a little worried, then you can prepare some questions or ice-breakers on hand. Read 10 Important Questions to Ask on a First Date to get some ideas.

What about sex life?

It turned out that video chats have brought out the naughty in people. Due to the fact that they are not able to hook up in real life, they began to have sex online. So why do you need adult sites when you have a webcam? But if you are still embarrassed or it seems freaky to do this on camera, you can try sex on the phone.

Where can I meet new people?

You can find new friends and start communicating with singles on Meetville! Go to our mobile version or install a Meetville app on Android right now and go on online dates with local singles!

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