Never Let an Embarrassing Problem Ruin a Great First Date

Never Let an Embarrassing Problem Ruin a Great First Date

You thought the date was going well and then suddenly he pulled away. You have been racking your brain to figure out what made him change his mind so quickly, and it’s driving you nuts. Though you think that you made a good first impression, something freaked him out and you need to figure it out. Suddenly you realize that maybe you didn’t handle all areas of primping — and you’re horrified!

So many of us as women spend a great deal of time picking out the right outfit, putting on our makeup, and doing our hair and that’s the way the routine always goes. We take a look in the mirror and are sure that everything is looking just great, but did you notice every little thing? Excess facial hair, discolored teeth, or even grey hairs that you overlooked can freak a guy out.

Physical Attraction Is Always Going To Be Part of It

Does this make them shallow? Maybe a little, but let’s be real in saying that men are very driven by physical appearance. One of the quickest ways to scare a guy away is for him to catch a glimpse of some facial hair on you when he’s about to kiss you. Sad but true, this can be the kiss of death on an otherwise perfect first date! So how do you ensure that you have covered all your bases?

Well take a step back and think about all the little hidden hygiene and preparing that you need to take on to look and feel your best. This is as much about your own confidence as it is trying to impress a guy, so do be sure to keep that in mind. Primping in terms of hair and makeup is great, but you need to look beneath the surface and think of what he will see when he’s up close and personal — don’t leave anything unturned!

It may be well worth getting a waxing appointment or removing any facial hair or other unsightly hair before the date. It’s always a good idea to do a little survey in the mirror and then go to work. Same goes for anything that can come out and be a negative like bad breath, pimples, or other issues that make you look less than your best.

Do keep in mind that this isn’t just a woman’s problem for he should be putting in the work to look his best too. You know how it goes when you like a guy but there’s one little thing that is keeping the full attraction from being its best. You can fight it all you want but physical attraction and looking and feeling your best matters on both sides.

Now get into that mindset yourself and consider what might prevent him from being totally into you. A little waxing, a good long hard look in the mirror, and a bit of extra primping can go a long way in winning him over and of course to being able to be your most confident and best!

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