What Men Find Sexy About Women: 10 Things to Attract a Man

What Men Find Sexy About Women: 10 Things to Attract a Man

It’s not a surprise anymore that looks are not the main thing that desire in . But let’s be honest, we still have no idea what really find sexy in a woman and what you need to do to get their full attention. 

Clearly, pretty face and a good body is the icing on the cake for every man, however, it’s not the only things that make a man desire a woman. It’s more about her personality, gestures or general attitude.

And of course, there are so many little things that men find attractive in women but here we got 10 the most common ones.



It’s quite clear that it’s much better to have nice and happy people around than sad and grumpy ones. Scientists say that positive women also generate positive energy that captivates and attract men. And not to forget about women’s beautiful smiles 😉


Sence of humour

It’s not only that men are attracted to women who laugh at their jokes but also they really appreciate when a girl can make them laugh as well. I know a couple who met in a crowd and their conversation started with a joke by the girl. They are happily married now and I’m pretty sure that their relationship is still that strong thanks to their good sense of humour.


Knowing some of the “men’s stuff”

Honestly, a lot of guys find it super sexy when a girl can talk about football or cars. Or a list shows interest in these topics. It also goes the same for sharing common hobbies or being able to talk about topics that he enjoys. Intelligence and sharing common interests may make a man really desire you in all possible ways.

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When you’re mad

You know this movie cliche “You look so sexy when you’re mad at me”. For us, women, it’s probably hard to understand but somehow a lot of men find it attractive. The possible explanation might be in two reasons. Firstly, gone are the days when men preferred submissive and obedient women. And it’s true that men find it sexy when a woman is strong and independent and can show her opinion. And also they are probably getting aroused by your look: your blushing cheeks and raised voice is what make them think about you in another way.



It might be surprising but actually, men notice these little things even more than women. You don’t need to have an expensive perfume to catch his attention. Sometimes it’s enough to have a nice smelling shampoo to let them enjoy being around you and attract them.


No make up

Let’s be honest, not all women can look good without makeup. But most of them do. And that’s what a lot of men find really sexy in them. The main reason for that is that men prefer women’s natural beauty in both face and body, so being natural is might be the main reason why your man desires you that much.

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Healthy appetite

Ordering a salad just because a guy is watching you is quite common especially on the first . But it’s not sexy at all. Men like to see when a woman has a good appetite. And being just a little bit dirty while eating something may be very arousing 😉


Wearing high heels 

It’s not only that shoes with the high heels make your legs look longer and slimmer but it creates an image of a very feminine girl and this is what so many men desire.


When  you ask for help

Even though a lot of guys prefer strong and independent women, they still need to feel valuable and strong as well. The easiest way for you to make them feel like that is to ask for help. A lot of guys find it very sexy when a girl is fragile and need their hand in something.


Just being you

Trust me, when you’re trying to be not who you really are, most of the men can feel it and it’s probably the main thing that can lower your attraction to them. When a man sees that you are not showing up and feel comfortable with him, it makes you much more desirable to him. And also your real treats of character may attract him as well. At the end of the day, not only these common things men find sexy in a woman but also some other little things from the way you smile to how use gestures when you’re talking about something interesting. And being yourself will help you to understand what your man desires in you particularly.

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