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How to Be a Good Kisser: The Best Kissing Tips

“Kissing is important. Being a good kisser could lead you to success from the first”
By Alex Glover May 28, 2021

How to Be a Good Kisser: The Best Kissing Tips

“Kissing is important. Being a good kisser could lead you to success from the first”
By Alex Glover May 28, 2021

Kissing is important. Being a good kisser could lead you to success from the first date. And if you don't pay much attention to this process it may be the reason why you fail in relationships.

A 2012 survey by the State University of New York at Albany found that 59 percent of men and 66 percent of women would end their relationship if the partner is a bad kisser.

So, now, the question you probably ask yourself is: "Am I a good kisser?" Firstly, think if you ever heard it from your partner. If not, it's more likely that you are not that good. Secondly, tell yourself honestly: how much attention are you paying to small details while kissing? It's not only about kiss itself. Knowing how to choose the best place for a date (and later on for a kiss) is very important part of the whole idea.

Kissing is a science and without knowing some specific tips you would never succeed in it. It's true that everyone has their own preferences in kissing technics, though, there are some common rules that would definitely help you to become a good kisser.

Pay attention to your partner

Since kissing is very subjective, the first thing you should do it to pay attention to your partner's feelings. Don't insist too much and learn what's working for them and what they don't really like. The essential issue is that if your ex liked something, it doesn't mean that your new partner would like it as well.

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Stay fresh

It may sound too simple but actually, it's one of the main kissing tips. It doesn't really matter how good your kissing technics are, if you have not fresh breath - you kiss is totally ruined.

Keep your lips moisturised

If you want to be a good kisser you should pay attention not only to your partner lips but to yours as well. Get your lips scrubbed and moisturised with a lip balm constantly. It's not only a rule for girls but for men as well. Nowadays there are plenty of balms without sсent and gloss made specially for men. This would make your kiss much more pleasant and soft.

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Close your eyes

It's not just a beautiful cliche from romantic movies. The fact is that when you block out one sense, the other senses become heightened. So, to feel your partner better and to enjoy your kiss more, you need to dissolve in this kiss.

There is more to kiss than just lips

One of the most important kissing tips you should follow to become a good kisser is that there is much more to kiss than just lips. Take a look at this practical kissing advice:


Follow 'Google Map' for good kissers! 

"All over the face" route

good kisser map kiss meetville


"Whisper" route

good kisser map kiss meetville


"Little cute kisses" route

goodkisser map kiss meetville


"Little girl" route

good kisser tips map kiss meetville


Keep in mind these rules while kissing but don't stress too much and feel relaxed. It all comes with the practice, but a little bit of theory wouldn't hurt ;)

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