How Long Does It Take To Fall In Love?

How Long Does It Take To Fall In Love?

The answer is different for men and women!

Surprised? But it’s actually true. The thing is that the process of falling is love is actually biological. And as there are many differences between men and women in biological terms, it’s obvious to consider that the way they feel and fall in love will be different.

Though, don’t think it’s a bad thing. differently doesn’t mean that your opposite-sex partner would love you more or less. However, it’s still good to know what makes men and women fall in love with each other and how long would it take.

Women fall in love when they are intimate

From the scientific point of view, women start falling in love when they build up their levels of oxytocin and dopamine. Dopamine is released when a woman is excited and oxytocin, when she gets intimate with someone.

Another explanation is that for most women having sex with someone new is a big deal and it means that they trust their partner and kind of move their relationship to the next level. This makes women fall in love.

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Men fall in love when they commit

There is nothing extraordinary in the fact that men and women are biologically different. It also influences the way they experience chemical reactions in their body. For men, one of the first stages of falling in love is being ready to commit to their partner at all levels: physical, mental, emotional. So, if a woman needs to hook up with someone special to fall in love, for men it’s not enough. They need to define this relationship and be ready to take it more seriously.

How long would it take to fall in love?

It might be surprising but men actually fall in love faster than women. The reason for that is emotions. Men tend to be less emotional than women and they don’t question their feelings and their decisions too often. At the same time, women are more likely to analyse their feelings and say ‘I love you’ only when they are really sure about it, while men claim their love as soon as they think their feelings are strong enough.

So, how long does it take to fall in love? The answer depends on the depth of your feeling. It may take just one second to be attracted by someone but it will take much more time to develop a more serious relationship.

If you really want to fall in love quickly, there is an experiment that will take no longer than one hour. All you need to do is to ask 36 questions and look into each other’s eyes.

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Don’t force yourself to fall in love with someone. If this person, by all means, is your perfect match, you’ll feel it when the time comes.

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