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Is It Love or Just Sex? 5 Ways to Find Out

“You've met this cool guy and you are doing really great but you're not sure”
By Eleanor Dyer June 10, 2021

Is It Love or Just Sex? 5 Ways to Find Out

“You've met this cool guy and you are doing really great but you're not sure”
By Eleanor Dyer June 10, 2021

You've met this cool guy and you are doing really great but you're not sure if it'll lead any further. A very common situation, right?

To get this relationship moving you need to understand what are you expecting from it and are your feelings mutual. But first, you need to make sure if it's love or you just enjoy spending time and having sex together.

You may think that you'd always understand if you'd fall in love with someone, though the sexual chemistry is commonly mistaken with romantic feelings. And even if you are almost sure that "This Is Love", would you be able to keep this feeling for a long time?

So, how to find out is it love or just sex? Here are some ways that will help you to realize it.

You spend most of your time in bed

You feel great while being together but if you think accurately you'll understand that most of your time together you spend in bed. If this is your case, you should think more about your feelings. It's quite unlikely that you really love him as a person if you don't go out together, don't know each other's friends and relatives, don't share hobbies and interests. Try to get out of bed and spend more time together in the real world. It's quite common when 'friends with benefits' become a romantic couple. You just need to put more effort to make it happen.

You don't talk about your relationship

I know that a lot of couples are trying to avoid this part in their relationships but at the end of the day, they all come back to this topic. When you are in a serious relationship with someone, you will always think of your couple not as 'me and him' but as 'we'. And you will always include your partner in your future plans. And obviously, talk about it.

It's not a secret anymore that relationships are not all kisses and cuddles but hard work. And to make this work easier for both partners they should talk a lot about their relationship. If you've never talked about what's going on in your couple, ask yourself: is everything okay with your relationship? Or are you even a real couple?

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You are not close enough

Of course, you are really close in a physical sense. But what about emotional closeness? One of the greatest signs of a strong relationship is when a couple is not only lovers but also best friends. Sharing common hobbies, memories, and secrets bonds a couple a lot and gives them the feeling of being really close to each other.

The thing is not only in the emotional bonding of your couple. There also comes the question of what are you talking about after sex? If you don't have any common interests how do you spend time without sex? And if you are not close enough in an emotional sense, how do you get the emotional satisfaction after having sex?

You never introduced him to your friends and family

You never introduced him to your friends and family and you don't really want to. He also never shows a will to make you a big part of his life. You hang out together and never share your time with someone else. This may be your way of enjoying your time with each other but if it's not just the first month of your relationship, it might be not a good sign.

Sharing friends is like sharing common interests. It might be a very strong bond for your couple. And also if you feel that your relationship is strong enough, you may make a big step forward by introducing your loved one to your family. This will show how close you are and that you are ready to make him a part of your family.

You are attracted to his body, not his soul

It is one of the first telltale signs that will point if your relationship is more about love or sex. It's obvious that we are most attracted to nice and beautiful people, however, when you fall in love with someone it's not the most important thing you'll notice. If you are more obsessed with his physical qualities than his intelligence or sense of humor then you probably can't say it's love. The thing about love is that no matter how gorgeous your partner is, it all goes to the background when you're in love and you start noticing things that attract you much more than his physical beauty.

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It might be hard to tell if it is love or sex that moves your relationship forward. Though, in any case, it's only you to choose how your relationship is going to develop later. If you are satisfied with the situation you have then it's okay. And if not, try to talk to your partner and come up with the solution together.

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