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Why Dating in Houston Can Be Awesome

“It's sad but true: most couples spend their evenings at home on the couch, with”
By Alex Glover May 27, 2021

Why Dating in Houston Can Be Awesome

“It's sad but true: most couples spend their evenings at home on the couch, with”
By Alex Glover May 27, 2021

It's sad but true: most couples spend their evenings at home on the couch, with their faces buried in various gadgets. A romantic evening for many is a ticket to the cinema or a visit to a restaurant. That's it. Meanwhile, there are numerous ways to spend time together so that you both remember it for a long time.

Time spent together should be perfect in any way! When planning leisure, we try to take into account all aspects: the time spent on it, weather conditions, the cost of it, and even injury risks! However, we completely forget what our soulmate wants. Remember: the main thing is the time spent together, and not the place where you spend it.

Nevertheless, joint leisure with the Beloved allows you not only to spend time together and enjoy each other's company but also to breathe a new life full of harmony and mutual understanding into your relationship. Here are the most beautiful ways to enjoy dating in Houston with the person you love or just want to be with.

1. Have a sunset dinner with Fantasea Dinner Cruises


Instead of dining amidst the hustle and bustle of the city, drive just south of Houston and board FantaSea's luxury yacht to enjoy a romantic, sunset dinner for two. Get there early, grab a drink from one of the full-service bars and enjoy walking the climate-controlled decks with your sweetheart before you set sail. Each cruise includes an extravagant and satisfying meal, as well as beautiful, brilliant sunsets. 

2. Teleport to Hawaii at Lei Low

You both can go to tropics without even leaving Houston! Lei Low is a great place to have a few tiki drinks. A round of mai tais - and you will forget about your everyday problems right away! Your date will be something you will both remember about!

3. Test your tastes compatibility at Wooster's Garden


An attractive space helps set the tone for a special occasion, and no bar in Midtown is prettier than Wooster's. The flexible space features a long bar, intimate tables and lounge seating, which means you  can have a little privacy with your date during the important getting-to-know-you phase. Bar bites, created by former Soma chef Gabe Medina, are perfect for sharing — and help you learn how compatible your taste in food is. Choose a beer from one of the 49 craft taps or indulge in one of cocktail wizard Steven Salazar's creative drinks that utilize a variety of housemade syrups.

4. Play endless vintage arcade games

Have you ever been at Joystix Classic Games and Pinballs?  You can even play for free at the Downtown gaming center on the first and last Friday of each month! It's a great idea for a cheap date if you are broke but still want to impress your significant other.

5. Sweeten your evening at The Chocolate Bar


Serving one of the sweetest, most tantalizing aphrodisiacs, the Chocolate Bar is the place to go to wrap up a romantic evening. Order a rich hot chocolate to share with your sweetie at one of the more private, corner tables, or dip straight into multi-layered cakes like the dark chocolate Aunt Etta's. Decadent favorites like chocolate-covered popcorn, hand-dipped Oreos and chocolate pizzas can also be boxed to enjoy your date in the comfort of your home.

6. Sing for your date in Glitter Karaoke

What can be more romantic than devoting a song to the person you love? Just pick your song and enjoy the moment at this amazing Midtown spot.

7. Watch your favorite movie at the Showboat Drive-In


We know that the ‘dinner and a movie’ date is soooo cliché. But you can still see a movie at the Showboat Drive-In, which is pretty cool…not overrated or lame…and if it’s one of those dates that you were hoping wouldn’t ever end, one admission gets you a double-feature. There’s a concession stand, so you can share a shake and some nachos, while trying to keep the party in the front seat. Just remember, you won’t get to impress anybody with a platinum credit card here, it’s cash only! 

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