How to Dress For a First Date

How to Dress For a First Date

Most are built on a series of first impressions, and a first date is a prime opportunity to forge a stronger connection with someone. While it’s not an exact science, there are some ways you can dress to impress on a first date.

1. Dress for the occasion

Base the formality of your attire on where you’ll be going. Your first date probably won’t require you to wear a tuxedo or a cocktail dress, but don’t show up in the same outfit you’d wear around the house on a weekend morning. Remember: you want your outfit to hit about the same level of formality as what your date will be wearing. If you’re unsure, ask your date what the dress code is or what they’ll be wearing.

2. Flatter your best features

Knowing you’re dressed in a way that puts your best look forward will help you feel confident on your date. Pay attention to fit – Too tight looks odd, and too baggy looks sloppy and like you don’t care about the date. Aim for a happy medium that’s just right for your body type. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Since most of us don’t spend hours in front of a mirror every day, it can be hard to know what looks good on yourself. Ask a friend whose taste you admire to help you select a good look – he or she might have already noticed you look better in certain articles of clothing.

3. Clean up

Pay a little more attention to your hygiene than usual for a first date. Looking clean and appealing will help you feel confident, as well as making you more enticing to your date.

4. Don’t show off too much

You want to look amazing on a first date, but don’t go overboard and wear something too tight, flashy or otherwise revealing. Dress for a first date like it’s a movie teaser – play up your best traits, but maintain some mystery.

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4 thoughts on “How to Dress For a First Date”

  • ‘what to put on’ is the biggest problem before the date! I can never know what the weather will be like, so, i’m either cold or hot 🙁

  • oh, these date give so much to worry about, clothes is one of them. but you can’t judge the book by its cover. however I try to look nice, though not over do with the outfit

  • I don’t bother much about clothes, I just have several outfits that I know I look fabulous in, so I put one of them and enjoy the date 🙂

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