Having Sex with Your Ex – Pros and Cons

Having Sex with Your Ex – Pros and Cons

“Having sex with an ex” – is what usually people say if they’re asked to name the stupidest thing they’ve done in their life. At the same time, for some people, it means absolutely nothing. So they consider sex with their ex as simple relationships as friends with benefits or just sex with no responsibilities. 

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However, if you are considering whether to have sex with your ex or not, firstly ask yourself a few questions to know how it’s gonna influence you.

The first and the most important question to ask is what do you hope to gain from this?

Do you want just physical connection or something more? Does your ex feel the same about it? If at least one you wants something more from this, maybe it’s better to talk about it ahead? If one of you wants to get back together, having sex would only make your relationship more complicated.

Also, ask yourself: has enough time passed?

If you have just broken up, it may return your feelings back (no matter if they’re positive or negative) and make your relationship awkward and complicated. So, if not enough time has passed, maybe it’s not a very good idea to hook up with your ex.

And finally, think if your shame and hesitation of this idea are coming from social judgment?

For most of the times, people don’t even consider sex with their ex not because they think it’s a bad idea, but because of the other people’s criticism. 

Answering these questions honestly will really help you to decide if you are ready for this and how harmful this kind of relationships are going to be for you. Though, if you are still not sure, here are some pros and cons of having sex with your ex.


  • You know each other’s body. You know what your partner likes and they know what is good for you. Feeling each other better than anyone else is very satisfying for both of you.
  • The forbiddenness of what you are doing is very exciting. It feels like you are having sex with someone you know very well, though you don’t have any relationship. 
  • It all may lead to a good friends-with-benefits relationship as you are not a couple anymore but you are much closer to each other than simply exes. 


  • It may remind you how good your sex was, so you might start thinking that your break up was a mistake.
  • This bond may reopen your vulnerability towards them and after the sex, you may even feel like you are going through another break up
  • You will close yourself from moving on. How can you find a new relationship if you are still have something going on with your ex?


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There are a few things to take into the consideration if you decide to have sex with your ex again. Though, if you are sure that it won’t make you feel bad, just go for it!

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5 thoughts on “Having Sex with Your Ex – Pros and Cons”

  • Sex with an ex can be great for what it is. It can be a relief after a date when tactically you did not want sex with them right away. The big problem is getting out and playing the field. If you are not then it holds you back from establishing new friends.

  • A friend of mine told me that having sex with your ex resembles to finishing a sandwich you made a week ago, ate a part of it then left it on a kitchen where someone else found it and took a bite and left the rest. So, sex with your ex is a bad idea, however you slice it

  • I think it could be good however to revisit an ex just to remind yourself why you closed that door in the first place.

  • Sex with my ex? Yes, I have done it. It depends on the relationship you had and the reason for not desiring to stay together. We were together for 3 years and there were situations that together we knew we could never get worked out – so the break-up was mutually agreed upon.

  • Theres nothing wrong in having sex with your ex.it becomes wrong when you expect something from it.sex is sex not making love but having fun.its comfotable with someone you know that much.

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