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5 Tips How to Kiss Like a Pro

“Kiss is the beginning of everything in a relationship. Every love story starts with a kiss”
By Grace Cox November 29, 2019

5 Tips How to Kiss Like a Pro

“Kiss is the beginning of everything in a relationship. Every love story starts with a kiss”
By Grace Cox November 29, 2019

Kiss is the beginning of everything in a relationship. Every love story starts with a kiss and when you haven't seen your partner for a long time, kiss is a sign of affection and love. Though, some people still underestimate the importance of kissing. But it's needless to know that it's not only a sign of love and intimacy but also a great sexual experience. So, now there is only one question left: how to make kissing a way total bliss?

Check these 5 tips from sexologist Ava Cadell to make kissing even more enjoyable for you and your partner. 

Tease Him/Her a little

You both need a bit of warm-up before the real kiss. Tease your partner with little soft pecks everywhere except the lips. They'll be aching to envelop you with their mouth, but... not yet ;)

The point is to be playful and make your partner desire you, but not give them what they want. Discover more about erogenous zones for men and women and tease them in these parts as well.

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Get even more intimate

Did you know that intimacy is the key to a perfect kiss? Make deep eye contact before involving your lips in the process. Get your bodies closer. If you're a girl: straddle him; if you're a guy: drag her on your lap. You can move rhythmically while kissing, so your bodies would be involved as well. Start your kiss slowly. First, start with soulful French kisses for a couple of minutes, then surprise your partner by keeping your lips open and pressing them against his/her — hard — like you want to devour them whole. At this step, the kiss should become passionate, but don't move too fast as it's only the beginning. 

Go wild

Play with your tongue while kissing. Start with a circular motion as if you were licking an ice-cream and then move more insistently to the roof of his mouth. 

After a while move back from the lips and explore their skin. Kissing and gently biting the neck is very arousing for both men and women. But actually, at this point, you both would be pretty much sexually aroused, so go wild and use biting more: bite and pull underlip, earlobe, neck... 

Use the whole body

The great kiss is never only about the lips. Put your mouth on some other parts of your partner's body like ears (gently biting and sucking of an earlobe is a cliche of kissing world, but it still works very well), fingers (moving your mouth up and down the entire length of finger in slow motions would make a guy go crazy; though some girls like it as well), chest (nipples are one of the most important erogenous zones's not only for women but for men as well, so don't leave it aside).

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Slowly wind down 

The postorgasmic kiss is very important if you want to show your love and affection to your partner. Go from a slow kiss to their face, shoulders, back - conveys warmth and tenderness without making them feel pressured to respond. Make your movements soft and warm, so you'd leave a great "aftertaste" after this whole kiss.

Following these 5 simple rules would not only make you a great kisser but also will change the whole sexual relationship with your partner. 

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