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Best Advice on How to Chat on Online Dating Sites

“Everyone might have heard of online dating but obviously, not everyone has tried it. Sometimes”
By Alex Glover June 14, 2021

Best Advice on How to Chat on Online Dating Sites

“Everyone might have heard of online dating but obviously, not everyone has tried it. Sometimes”
By Alex Glover June 14, 2021

Everyone might have heard of online dating but obviously, not everyone has tried it. Sometimes it’s too difficult to switch from real life and being exhausted from the search of the right person you are willing to start looking for him/her on the Internet.

It’s actually a wise choice because nowadays many people of all ages look for partners online.

As you stop here for a moment and think about online dating a bit, you will see it’s a pretty much the same issue as meeting people and communicating in real life, though the form differs. Whether you meet someone on the street or at one of the dating websites, in both cases you will start a conversation, decide if a person is intelligent enough, see whether you are attracted to him/her and ponder over the fact if you are willing to learn stuff about each other. In fact, it doesn’t really matter in what way you meet new people – virtually or in real life – the truth is that you can either succeed or fail in both cases.

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5 Rules that Help to Chat on Dating Websites

When deciding to sign up at an online dating chat most people face the difficulty of starting a simple communication and in most cases hesitate as to the opportunity of dating online. With the following rules on how to chat on online dating sites you will be able to feel more confident, and meeting new people online will be a piece of cake.

Rule #1. Literacy above all

It’s no surprise people like literate interlocutors, so before clicking the Send button you should double-check what you have written. Avoid those spelling and grammar mistakes and netspeak. Try not to use such words as wazzup, ur, u, LOL, ASAP, HAGN, etc. All of these make a terrible impression on your potential partner. How hard is it to write “You are so funny. I’ve been laughing at your joke for several minutes” instead of “LOL” or ask “how are you today” instead of “wazzup”? There is a possibility that a person who you are writing your message to either won’t understand it at all or will think you are too illiterate and bring the conversation to nought. When sending your messages, remember that your language is an ice-breaker that is partially responsible for further communication.

Rule #2. Greet properly

Greeting a person on the Internet has a lot of variations, but when you are interested in the person you are writing to, you should make a good impression and greet him/her in a proper way. Of course, you don’t have to sound too formal writing “how do you do” and other stuff, but “hello” and “hi” seem like to be good options. If you are willing to set a casual tone at once, you may start with such informal greetings as “what’s up” or “how is it going”, but don’t get carried away and know your audience.

Rule #3. Don’t compliment on looks at once

This rule is intended mostly for men who like to compliment women on their body shape and general look. Guys usually think that such words as “sexy”, “hot” and “beauty” sound really nice and make women blush, but no serious woman will like such an attitude. Certainly, it’s great to hear compliments and that’s what people do when they know each other, but when an unknown person writes a message complimenting your look in an online dating chat, it feels awful.

Rule #4. Protect your information

There are many decent people on the Internet who really deserve your attention, but there is also a variety of users who have different intentions. Be aware of this fact if you are new to online dating and never give out your personal information, such as your email, home address, employment, and so on. Some people prefer not to give their real name when they first meet a person online, but take some time to communicate and learn more about each other.

Rule #5. Have fun and don’t be too serious

A dating chat is also a possibility of good quality time, so try not to be too serious about it. In any case, it’s all fate and if you are to meet your soulmate online, it will happen anyway. You should just wait for him/her and get along with people. Keep your online conversations light, talk to your new friends about your hobbies, interests, likes and dislikes, ask questions, keep your mind open and observe if the person you are communicating with is your potential partner.

If you want to know how to chat on online dating sites successfully, remember to:

    • Edit your profile. Think what you might want to share with your potential admirer and check if your grammar and spelling are correct to make a good first impression.
    • Share your interests. Do you have several hobbies? Discuss them with your partner. Perhaps you have something in common and it will help you to get to know each other better.
    • Be yourself. It’s the most important issue here. Do not pretend to be who you are not, because if everything goes well and you decide to meet in real life, you won’t match your partner’s expectations.
    • Learn more about each other before your date not to feel awkward and have something to talk about.

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