Recommends: Meetville Is The Right App to Connect You With Your Other Half Recommends: Meetville Is The Right App to Connect You With Your Other Half


We are happy to announce that our good friend has published an article about your favorite dating app 😉


Dating Advice is one of the biggest experts in the dating industry. They have most useful and striking collection of dating tips and advice, and recommend only the best expert rated dating apps. If you are new in a dating field, the is a must-visit site for you!


We’ve had a very nice chat with the Dating Advice team and discussed what makes Meetville app so unique among other apps. Interested? Here are some parts we want to share with you. And if you’d like to find out more, continue reading the full article here.


Making It Easy to Start Talking With People Who Share Your Beliefs

Instead of forcing people to make split-second decisions based on little more than looks or an outdated formula, Meetville employs a different strategy. Users are matched based on common interests, values, beliefs, and psychological compatibility.

After filling out the form, users are typically shown five people in their area who are potential matches, and their journey begins.


A Team Made Up of Professionals Who Have a Passion for Love

Many of the single employees at Meetville use the app themselves, of course, and tales of romance are part of the everyday work experience.

“I think it’s great that people have more opportunities for finding new friends, soulmates, or even love,” said Michael, an iOS developer with Meetville. “I enjoy myself, and it makes me really proud and happy to know how much people appreciate our app.”


Informative Profiles Lead to More Successful Interactions

Once you start getting matches, you’ll know that you share common interests, values, or beliefs. That common bond makes it easier to move past the online phase and meet that person in the real world.

Meetville’s blog and Facebook page are filled with success stories from couples who found one another on the app. One user named Ellie said she had never put much stock in online dating websites or apps, but installed Meetville looking for something fun. In Brad, Ellie not only met a someone who liked “Game of Thrones” more than she did — she found “the one.” Brad confirmed that he felt the same way from their first date, and the couple has been together ever since.


Continue reading the article here and don’t forget to install Meetville app on Android and iOS right now and go on a date with local singles!

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