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Tips on Dating for Women That You`ll Love

“Dating is never easy, especially with all of the options that we have nowadays. You”
By Grace Cox May 7, 2018
dating tips for women

Tips on Dating for Women That You`ll Love

“Dating is never easy, especially with all of the options that we have nowadays. You”
By Grace Cox May 7, 2018

Dating is never easy, especially with all of the options that we have nowadays. You have all of these dating profiles, social media profiles, all of the information on your date before you even see him and it can get confusing at times.

Dating tips don't work the same for all women, but there are some things that are helpful for everyone, no matter what age they are or what they prefer.

If you get lost in the dating world sometimes, here are some useful tips that will help you navigate a lot better.


Know what you like and dislike

Don't settle for someone that doesn't suit you – maybe he drinks too much or he has a feature that you strongly dislike – whatever your deal-breaker is, don`t let it go just because you don`t think that you can do better.

“Women often try to overlook the traits that they dislike if they are insecure or they want to spare someone's feelings. Don't make this mistake and stick to your principles – this doesn't include physical features and financial situation he is in, you should focus more on his traits and behavior. “ said Kirsten Walsh, a psychologist at Australian Reviewer


Don`t lie or inflate the truth

If you are on the first date, it's often easy to tell a few lies here and there – about what you like, about your achievements, etc. However, keep in mind that this person may be there for a long time and you don't want him to find out the truth months after you've started dating.

A few white lies are perfectly fine – we all do it – but overdoing it can seriously affect your later relationship with the guy. Be honest and be yourself.

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Know yourself

This is the best thing you can do for yourself even if you are not dating. Know what you want in life and work towards that goal. You`ll do much better in the dating world if you are self-confident, strong and decisive.

Develop a certain lifestyle that suits you and then look for a man that will complement that. Men like women who know who they are and what they like – the right ones do, anyway.


Create a compelling dating profile

Online dating might be a lot to handle but it certainly pays off. You`ll be able to meet a lot more people this way and attract those who share the same interests as you do. You can see upfront what the guy is like – and this can be extremely helpful.

Make sure that you eliminate grammar and spelling mistakes if you want to present yourself properly Too many mistakes can result in your profile being discarded as a profile of someone who is not serious or suitable. There are plenty of free online tools that can help you with this.


Don`t play games

You are a woman, not a child. Forget the rules like “wait three days to call”, “make him jealous’ or anything related. You are dating, not playing games – and if you treat your love life like a game that`s what it will become soon enough.

“Women tend to conform to these old rules of dating – but they are not true anymore. What they should do instead is what their gut tells them. If you want to call a guy, call him – don`t wait for him to call you. Be confident and do what you want to do, let go of those ancient rules of dating. “, said a dating expert Catherine Brown.


Don`t make the person you are dating the centre of your world 

You have been dating this person for a while and you like him a lot – good for you. But your world should never revolve around him. You are your own person and you should do your own thing.

Date him, have fun, let it get more serious – but never focus on him so much that you lose touch with your friends, your job, your interests and hobbies. He is just a nice addition to your already amazing life.

You`ll push him away if you keep calling him every day – go out with your friends, spend a great night doing what you love or do anything that sparks interest in you. This way he`ll love you for who you are and you will keep your own life. You`ll be a happier woman.

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Dating world sure is hard to understand – there are so many rules yet no rules at all. Do what your heart tells you to do, be yourself, keep an open heart and have fun. This is the only recipe to a successful dating life.

Rachel Summers is a seasoned writer based in the UK. She loves her life and her work as a journalist specializing in education – including Boom Essays. Rachel has a passion for helping students achieve their goals and get the most out of their years in school. Her tips and advice focus mainly on making school and life easier for students and creating tools that can give them assistance that they need.

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