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Five Behaviors That Attract Men

“What is it about some women that men find irresistible? The kind of women who”
By Alex Glover June 15, 2021
attract men

Five Behaviors That Attract Men

“What is it about some women that men find irresistible? The kind of women who”
By Alex Glover June 15, 2021

What is it about some women that men find irresistible? The kind of women who may not even be beautiful by society's standards, but who always have great boyfriends or husbands and make you wonder what they have that you don't.Often we look at what we feel are mismatched couples, a very handsome guy paired with an average or plain-looking woman, and wonder at her hidden allure.

If you find yourself often feeling this way, and it's been a long time since you've been on more than one date with a guy, or never had a steady boyfriend, maybe it's time for you to learn these five behaviors that attract men.


Love yourself

This is about being comfortable in your own skin and radiating confidence.  Men love women who display self-assured grace and easy poise; it puts men at ease while arousing their interest. Think about the law of attraction - like attracts like. When you love yourself, you draw people toward you that feel you are worthy of love.


Smile, laugh and have fun 

Men are drawn to women who are happy and easygoing. When you go on a date with a guy smile, laugh, and even gently tease him at the appropriate times. Guys like girls who are not stiff and formal; they like a woman who knows how to have fun.  Then later, after your date, he will associate you with positive, happy feelings and want to see more of you.

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Have your own things going 

Do you have a career you enjoy, school, friends you see regularly, hobbies, clubs to which you belong or any other commitments? Men like to feel that the woman they are with is a worthy individual who is independent. You are busy but take time from your schedule to be with him. This gives him an ego boost and makes the time you spend with him more special. It also adds an element of "the chase" when you are not readily available.


Be "in the moment" 

Enjoy what is happening while it is happening; relax and go with the flow. For the most part, men are doers, not talkers. They like experiences and don't usually overthink things or put their feelings into words. You cannot talk a man into liking you, and too much emotional sharing will scare him away. Cherish the here and now, and let him set the pace of the relationship as opposed to forcing it in the direction you want it to go.


Allow him to be a man

Women and men are vastly different creatures. While there is always room for compromise, don't expect him to binge-watch old episodes of Sex in the City with you. Don't plan a romantic date night when his favorite team is playing in the championship game.  Watch the game with him, or use the time to get together with your friends for dinner or drinks, while he watches the game with his buddies. Encouraging his manly pursuits lets him know that you like him just the way he is and that you are not out to change him.  Knowing this makes him feel good about himself and about the time he spends with you. It also lets him know that you understand he needs friends and interests outside of your relationship.


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