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The Best Way to Show Your Love

“It’s very important to show your love and attention to your partner not only on”
By Alex Glover May 2, 2017

The Best Way to Show Your Love

“It’s very important to show your love and attention to your partner not only on”
By Alex Glover May 2, 2017

It’s very important to show your love and attention to your partner not only on special occasions but in everyday life as well. We’ve prepared a list of the most creative ideas to surprise your sweetheart and bring your relationship to a new level.

  • Order a bunch of flowers to deliver to your partner’s workplace. This will not only demonstrate your love and attention, but become the even #1 in your honey’s office.
  • Choose one of Shakespeare’s love sonnets and recite it to your partner when you are in a romantic evening at a restaurant or take a walk in a park.
  • If your partner works late hours, prepare a special lunch box for her filling it with her favorite things such as chocolates, cookies etc. Oh, and remember to put there a small teddy bear with a romantic message.
  • While walking in a park, visit the swings and take a ride. This always brings back happy memories from the childhood.
  • Put a long beautiful rose in the place where your partner will find it and attach a note with the words like: “Thank you for being with me”.
  • After a long working day please your soulmate with a warm bath with some fragrant bath oil and gently bath her.
  • After you partner leaves for work immediately send her an email saying: “I already miss you”. Imagine how pleased she’ll be finding this message in her email box.
  • If your sweetheart has long hair, comb it using long slow strokes. This relaxing and calming procedure won’t leave your partner indifferent.
  • In case your partner has a voicemail in her cell phone leave her a message with the words like: “Honey, I’m always thinking of you”. Be sure that she will definitely appreciate this.
  • Order a special surprise trip for you and your sweetheart. There are a lot of agencies that offer trips with a secret destination.
  • If your sweetheart is going on a trip, put a small present into the corner of her suitcase that she will find when she is away.
  • When you and your partner celebrate an anniversary prepare two special champagne glasses with your names and the anniversary date carved on them.
  • Create a photo album with the pictures of the most romantic and memorable moments spent together and send it to your partner with the note saying: “I remember every moment spent with you. Thank you for coming into my life”.
  • Plant a “tree of love” together with your sweetheart in a special place nearby that only you two know. It’s easy to find where you can buy a seedling, isn’t it? Each year on a special day the two of you will enjoy champagne while meditating upon how your love grows day by day just like this tree.
  • When you take a shower in the morning, and she is going to do it after you… Use the steam as a postman for your love message. She will surely enjoy your “I love you” on the steamed mirror. Winter car windows will do as well.
  • Imagine how she will fill when you present her with a… star! Certain agencies provide such a service for individual customers. They’ll even give you a certificate telling you which of the stars now bears the name you’ve given it.
  • Find a cartoon that reproduces some situation similar to your and your parnter’s real life situaion. For example, you work together. Find some comics on the office policies or whatever. Make an enlarged copy of the cartoon, then use the correction fluid to erase the original text, type and paste your own text into it. After you copy the result your text will look like the original. And there you have it!
  • When you are on holidays with your partner, what could be more romantic than getting up early one morning and watch the sun rising with picturesque landscape in the background. That’s something that the loving couples have never stopped being inspired with for ages.
  • A spa filled with rose petals with candles all around is a wonderful idea. As she tastes champagne served by you, the only thing she will be missing will be you beside her.
  • A backyard picnic will be great for a summer night. Enjoy freash but warm air while sharing a meal sitting side by side on a warm and soft blanket. And then gaze the stars shining bright and twinkling mysteriously in the dark blue sky lying on the blanket together.
  • Go for a walk in the heavy rain with your partner without any raincoats, umbrellas, or even barefoot. Get soaked to the bone, splash and jump into puddles. Squeeze up against your partner’s wet clothes and skin, take her in your arms and cover her cold wet cheeks with warm kisses.
  • After you get back home take a hot shower and wrap her in a warm towel or blanket. A hot drink beside a warm fireplace will be just perfect.
  • Hot air ballooning will be a great surprise for her. Just you and she between the sky and the earth, and the whole universe are around you.
  • When your sweetheart is sitting on a sofa or at the table make her a gentle shoulder massage and then kiss her on the neck.
  • Purchase a book you both have been dreaming to read and start reading it daily to each other in turns chapter after the chapter.
  • Take a tandem bike and go for a ride together. After the ride is finished have a picnic in the park.
  • Buy a box of her favorite chocolates and carefully put a love note into the box, and then wrap the box so that you partner would have no idea what is inside it.
  • When you partner is staying at home because of illness take a day off to devote it to your sweetheart. Prepare a chicken soup for her, download her favorite movie and watch it together.
  • Organize a great pillow fight with hundreds of feathers flying around your room. Prepare two special pillows in advance.
  • Surprise your sweetheart with unexpected complement in public.
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