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Are You Actually Ready for a New Relationship?

“You are looking at all these cute couples and can only dream of the same”
By Grace Cox March 6, 2018

Are You Actually Ready for a New Relationship?

“You are looking at all these cute couples and can only dream of the same”
By Grace Cox March 6, 2018

You are looking at all these cute couples and can only dream of the same romantic relationship. Though, when you find someone it does not always seem to work out and you get even more depressed. The thing is that wanting a relationship doesn't mean the same as being ready for one. You think that it's all the matter of a good guy, though the real problem might be in you. Understanding what you want in a relationship and whether you are actually ready to have it, is the key to a successful and happy relationship.

How can you understand whether you want to be a cute couple with someone or you are actually ready for a relationship? Here are some of the telltale signs that you're not ready to be in a new relationship. And if you'll find some of these signs like being taken from your life, then most probably what you need to do is to take a little bit of "me time" and focus on enjoying your single life.


You're looking for someone to solve your problems

Sometimes it really seems like you can't cope with all these problems all alone. You look at other couples supporting each other and you feel like that's what you really need right now.

I'm sorry to tell it but it's not how you're going to get a good relationship. Firstly, everyone has their problems and no one would like to join you helping to solve your problems as well. And also all this makes you unhappy and dissatisfied in life. It might be a little bit selfish to say but no one really enjoys the company of a grumpy person.

Try not only to ask for something but also share with other people. Find your inner happiness and the satisfaction in life. You will never be happy in any relationship until you realize that the most important person in your life is you.


You're still not over your ex

It may work in movies and romances but as a person who's been there a few times, I can tell you that starting a new relationship in order to forget the previous one is a bad bad idea! You will surely ruin the new relationship as you'll always compare your ex and the new boyfriend. Even if you finished on a bad note but you still can't get him out of your head, everything in this new relationship will remind you of him and you won't be able to enjoy the time with your new partner.

So, instead of replacing the old relationship with the new one, better give yourself some time to get over it and become ready to start something new.

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You're desperate

You haven't been dating for a while and now you're craving a new relationship. You may think that you're so good at seducing men but you don't know that it's actually visible how desperate you are.

What you should do first is to understand that you don't actually need to be in a relationship to be happy. Don't show your red flag and stop being so desperate about finding a man.


You keep building walls

Maybe you've been hurt before. Or you're just afraid to be hurt in future, so you start building walls around you. You may not even realize it but you can have a mental block that stops you from starting a close relationship with other people.

When you watch these happy couples around you, you think that you are ready to have something like that. But in fact, when you start getting closer to someone, you hide from the world and stop yourself from opening up to this another person. You start building walls.

You really need to work on your commitment and trust issues to let other people into your life. Though, if you really feel that you can't start a new relationship, just let it go naturally and don't force it. The best you can do for yourself is to wait until you are really ready.

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So, here are some of the signs that you're not ready to start a new relationship. There may be another way of checking whether you are ready to start a relationship with someone new. If you have a particular person in mind, just imagine yourself being with him 24/7. You'll need to share your good and bad times, and be really close to each other in every way. If you feel okay with this whole situation, then you should try dating this person. And if at least something concerns you about it, maybe you are not actually ready to start a new relationship. Maybe you need to give yourself some time to understand what you really want and need in life.

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