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Revealing the Reasons Why You Are Attracted to Jerks

“Almost everyone had that one ex who wasn't the best relationship memory. Most of the”
By Alex Glover April 28, 2021

Revealing the Reasons Why You Are Attracted to Jerks

“Almost everyone had that one ex who wasn't the best relationship memory. Most of the”
By Alex Glover April 28, 2021

Almost everyone had that one ex who wasn't the best relationship memory. Most of the time we don't even understand why did it happen to us again. The thing is that we choose "jerks" for a reason, even if we don't realize it ourselves. If you keep being attracted to bad guys and want to change it, here are some possible reasons why it's still happening to you.

You are seeking good-looking people

It's quite obvious that we are more attracted to good-looking people. If you are looking for a short-term relationship or you are simply attracted to good-looking guys, it's very likely that he will be a jerk. It's not totally connected but it's very probable that if his appearance is good, his behavior would be much worse. Attractive people usually get a lot of attention, so that makes them kind of spoiled. It doesn't mean that you need to date only average-looking or ugly people. Just be more careful when choosing your new partner and pay attention not only to their attractiveness but also on some personal qualities.

Your confidence is shaky

It might be one of the most obvious reasons why so many people fall in love with jerks. You think you are not good enough to date someone who will treat you better, so he is the best choice for you. The only solution here is to remember that other people will respect you only when you'll respect yourself.

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You don't want to stay alone

After a series of unsuccessful relationships, you start thinking that you'll never find your true love. So your new motto is "A not-so-great partner is better than none at all." It shouldn't be like that. And there is no age limit for finding your love. Try to socialize more: meet with friends and colleagues, find a new hobby, get a dating app. Who knows when and where you will find your best relationship. Just don't sacrifice yourself for any relationship. Especially, if you know they'll never make you happy.

You think you can make him better

That same old story when a girl thinks that she will turn a bad guy into a good one. Well, we need to tell you the truth. It never happens! Life is not a romantic comedy and if you are dating an adult man, it's very unlikely that he will change his personality and bad habits for you. Of course, when you live together for a long time, you are learning to compromise with each other. But most of the jerks are quite selfish, so don't expect that you'll be able to change them soon.

You haven't learned from your past experience

You think that you won't make the same mistake twice but it's happening again and again. Somehow you immediately forget all the bad qualities your previous partners had and "close your eyes" when your new boyfriend is the same. So, if you are willing to date a jerk again, think of all the problems you had in your previous relationship and stop going down the road with the new one.

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So many movies romanticize bad guys and make all the girls believe that it's that kind of relationship they have always dreamed of. However, in reality, it's not that nice and sweet. If you realize that you are dating a jerk, you better run from this relationship. There is a low probability that you will eventually feel happy about being with this person. And if you are looking for a successful and long-term relationship, you need to look for good guys who you are compatible with. If you want to find your perfect match, install Meetville app on Android and iOS right now and go on a date with local singles!

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