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5 Strategies to Attract Amazing People into Your Life

“Finding out what type of person you are is a hell of a job. Finding”
By Eva Wislow July 2, 2019
attract amazing people into your life

5 Strategies to Attract Amazing People into Your Life

“Finding out what type of person you are is a hell of a job. Finding”
By Eva Wislow July 2, 2019

Finding out what type of person you are is a hell of a job. Finding out what type of persons you want around you is even harder. You see, these two “quests” go hand in hand. Most individuals would assume that their friends and known ones come in a random way yet that is far from the truth.

There are many ways to influence what type of persons arrive and stay in your life. There are also many causes – internal and external – that contribute to your current social life condition. For example, karma is one of them.

Honestly, if you’re reading this post, you’re probably dealing with some rough social dynamics around you. Or, you never seem to find a better partner, or a better friend, or a better boss. You see, there are all types of people around us. However, one thing remains sure: we are the only ones responsible for our social environment.

In today’s post, you’ll figure out that your self-responsibility, self-awareness, and your well-developed personal skills are the main influencers when it comes to improving the quality of your relationships and bringing new, amazing people into your life. Let’s see what you can do to change what you hate about your current condition:


Find Out Who You Are

To truly meet others, you must meet yourself. That sounds like a cliché, but it is not. Most of us want to keep our lives under control, and most of us want to improve them. How do we try to improve them? Well, it could be in many ways. Some people buy stuff, while others seek other “prizes” like a new hookup every now and then.

However, very few individuals focus on themselves first. To improve your external circumstances, you must deal with the internal ones. For example, some people’s beliefs are heavily shaped by the media and by their friends. Other people have emotional issues, while others don’t know what they’re supposed to do with their life.

Now I’m asking you – do you actually know yourself? Do you know what your real purpose is, why you are here, and why should anyone follow you the way?

Find out more about yourself – understand your traits, qualities, and talents. Deal with your flaws (or at least acknowledge them), and then you will be ready to meet others.


Raise Your Expectations and Learn to Say NO

How often have you said “Yes” to a proposition that requested a “No” answer, just because you were afraid not to offend the one who asked?

Learning to say NO is a very rare and forgotten discipline. See it like this: your time and energy is precious – you shouldn’t give it away. Improve your expectations and stop agreeing to requests that you don’t resonate with.

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Be Truly Confident

Confidence is a very important trait in any interpersonal relationship. Whether you’re seeking new friends or a new boyfriend/girlfriend, your confidence must be visible whenever you open your mouth.

Don’t get me wrong – you shouldn’t act like you’re confident. You should actually be confident. And, just like with any skill and trait, that takes time. Until you’re self-confident, you can’t attract awesome individuals because most of them will observe your flaw and will probably hate it.


Have a Real Purpose

Individuals with a strong sense of purpose are always doing better in life. You know why? Because they attract other people like magnets. When a man wants to conquer the world, he will be respected by the others around him whether he’s their friend or their enemy.

In this sense, if you’re looking for quality friends or for a quality lover, your well-established, real purpose will be a great topic of discussion that will most likely count in the beginnings of any type of relationship.


Learn to Listen

Do you know how to really listen? Because most people don’t. What I’m talking about here is the actual act of listening, which means quieting down the mind while allowing the external information to flow in.

Michelle Orson, CEO at Careers Booster, explains what real listening means:

“Most of the times, people distract us (while speaking) with their pre-thought responses. That often feels bad because it’s often simple to realize that these people don’t really care about what we have to say. Instead, they care more about giving us “good” responses that would prove something. True listening means shutting the internal voice while paying 100% of our attention to the one who communicates.”

When you meet a person who truly listens, you feel very well because you feel that someone actually cares. Well, learn to be that person and everyone who’ll speak to you will receive the same feeling.

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If you want to attract amazing people into your life, you will have to change yourself first. The only way to attract “amazing” is to offer amazing. Therefore, start improving your self-awareness, your emotional strength, and your general behavior. Learn to give value, to listen to new ideas, and to be grateful for what you already have. Keep improving yourself and your relationships will improve by themselves.

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