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5 Signs to Tell if He Will Make a Great Boyfriend

“Do you feel happy with your boyfriend, but wonder if he’s a good one for”
By Eleanor Dyer June 11, 2021

5 Signs to Tell if He Will Make a Great Boyfriend

“Do you feel happy with your boyfriend, but wonder if he’s a good one for”
By Eleanor Dyer June 11, 2021

Do you feel happy with your boyfriend, but wonder if he’s a good one for the long-term? Many of us as women go through the process of trying to determine if we have a good guy, or if he may turn into something less in the future.

There are some tell-tale signs that can point to the fact that you have a good guy or not. The truth is in your heart you already know if he’s a good boyfriend or not. If you still aren’t sure though, then here we look at some of the most poignant signs that you have yourself a good boyfriend that you should enjoy each and every day.  


He does things for you “just because

He’s not the type of guy that needs a special occasion to do something nice for you. It might be something as simple as a nice text or note to say he loves you. He may be that he plans a night out just to be with you. It’s the simple but sweet gestures that he does, and often with no reason or cause at all. This shows that he’s way into you and that he’s likely to treat you well into the future. That makes for a good boyfriend and a happy and healthy relationship too.

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He genuinely wants to be a part of your existing life

He makes it a point to get to know your friends and family. You see that he is trying to not take over your current life as it exists, but he definitely wants to be a part of it. If he wants to get to know who you are and what that entails each and every day, then that’s a good sign that you have a great guy. An added bonus is if he wants to get you involved in his everyday life as well—this shows that he feels that there’s the potential for a long-term connection!


He makes communication a true priority

He genuinely likes talking to you and picks up the phone or texts you with no real reason at all. It's clear that he enjoys talking to you and the conversation flows freely. It’s a really welcome change from other guys because you don’t have to pull anything out of him—and he sees that substance like this is so important to a relationship. Communication is the key to any good relationship and a man who recognizes that is truly a keeper.


He loves you unconditionally

He is totally into you and everybody can see that. It's obvious that he loves you in spite of your quirks and actually embraces them. He’s the type of guy who isn’t scared away by anything unusual, but he actually likes it. If you have a man who loves your crazy and is totally into you, then he’s surely a keeper. If you take a step back and see that there is some serious caring from him no matter what, then you know you have a good guy!

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He supports you and he is always there to listen

It may seem like the most trivial matter, but he wants to be there for you. In the end, you know that you can count on him for anything that may come your way. It’s a very comforting feeling when you know that you have somebody that supports you in this way. He listens to you even if he doesn’t always know what to say. He’s the guy who is there until the end, and this is a sign that there is some great long-term potential with him as a boyfriend. This is easy for him to offer because you give the same thing to him so it goes a long way!

These are some tell-tale signs that you have a good man that you want to hold onto. Chances are that you already feel that within you, but now you can tell for sure. If you can look at these signs and answer yes then you know that your boyfriend is a keeper and that this will lead to long-term happiness. So, if you still haven’t found your perfect boyfriend yet, don’t forget to install Meetville app on Android and iOS right now and go on a date with local singles!

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