Dating and the Age Gap

Dating and the Age Gap

In spite of the fact that our modern society teaches us to forget about all limits when it comes to love and dating, the question of the age gap is still alive. So, what age difference is considered to be “normal”? And who sets the standards? If two people deeply love each other, why should their age difference be the problem?

According to the recent polls today’s people see nothing wrong when the man is twice older than his significant other, while cougars dating younger guys didn’t get the same support.

One of the most popular reasons why older women shouldn’t date younger men is in their disability to give birth to a child. Most male testees who have taken part in the research confessed that sooner or later they’d want to have their own family and become fathers, so in such a case maintaining a relationship with their middle aged girlfriends would be painful or even impossible. Thus, they don’t treat dating with cougars like something “really serious”.

As for older men, there are no evident indicators that their relationships with young women will be inevitably condemned. Men can become fathers almost at any age, that allows them create a healthy family without a high risk of being dumped due to the kids question.

Although, the results of the survey could seem rather disappointing for women in their mid 40-s, this doesn’t mean their relationships with younger partners should be terminated immediately. Remember that public opinion is just the public opinion. While two people are happy together why should anyone’s preconceptions bother them?

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3 thoughts on “Dating and the Age Gap”

  • I do have one (admittedly hypocritical) rule when it comes to dating much older men. To weed out the creepsters, I always ask if they generally date women as young as me. If they make a habit of trolling for women at the local college campus, I move on. I want to be the exception, not the rule.

  • i try to stay within 4 years of my age in either direction. i’ve dated much younger (26 was the youngest recently) but i’m finding its hard to stay interested in someone when i have nothing in common with them. i get bored. thats just me though. i have a friend who is dating someone 10 years older and she is really happy…. just depends on the maturity level of each person i guess

  • i have gone 10 years in each direction. and i’ve met plenty of guys in their early 20s who are more mature than guys in their later 30s. and as sparklepants points out, they’re sometimes SO hot! and they usually have less baggage.

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