Dating an Asian Woman: Top Tips and Advice

Dating an Asian Woman: Top Tips and Advice

A lot of people consider Asian as the most beautiful in the world. No wonder why so many want to and have a relationship with an Asian woman. However, as the Asian culture is very different from European or American culture, people don’t really know how to act in a communication with such a girl.

So, if you really want to date an Asian woman (and especially if you already have one in mind), here are some tips that would help you to make a good first impression and make this  experience exciting for both of you.


How to pick up an Asian woman:

There are some technics that would help you to attract or maybe even start a relationship with an Asian woman.

Be straight-forward

Most of the Asian women are pretty shy, so when they choose a man to date with they prefer someone bold and decisive. Also not all Asian girls understand if you’re giving her hits about how do you feel about her, so if you want to show her your feelings you better say it directly.

Don’t force it

Don’t rush into things and try to give her some time. If you want something serious with her, don’t move your relationship to the bed too soon, as she will consider it as a disrespect.


Of course, most of the women are like that, but Asian ladies are romantic at heart. Do some small sweet things for her like gifts and flowers, writing her a poem or inviting on a very romantic date. Be sure, she will really appreciate all these romantic gestures.

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How to act when you are dating an Asian woman:

It’s not like you need to know some special rules to date an Asian girl, but still, it’s important to know some mistakes you should avoid in dating.

Forget about stereotypes

There is a stereotype that Asian women are servile and submissive. Some men think that they are good at cooking and cleaning and are going to make good wifes in future. However, it’s not that much true anymore, as Asian women are taking the Western role models of equality of men and women. So, if you are looking for an Asian woman to settle down, you should know that you might get not what you have been expecting.

It also concerns some other stereotypes about Asian culture that you’ve probably heard. Especially, if she lived in western countries for a long time already. It is likely that she will behave just the same as other American or European women.

Don’t try to guess her ethnicity

Don’t ask her where is she from on a first date. It will not only sound rude but also will make a bad first impression. And there is nothing more stupid than relating her to some wrong Asian culture. Of course, it’s very nice if you would try to impress her with your knowledge of her motherland, but there are guys who don’t realize that the just said hi in Japanese to a girl of Chinese descent, who lived her whole life in New York.

They are not that easy to pick up

For some people who want to have a relationship with an Asian girl, it seems almost obvious that Asian women are the sexiest and the easiest to pick up. However, it’s not like this at all. Most of Asin girls are very shy and conservative. Even dating is a serious step for them, so don’t think that she will agree to have sex with you on the first date just because she’s Asian.

Don’t try to impress her with some Asian culture facts

It’s the same as with guessing her ethnicity. Firstly, you may be wrong and then it would look ridiculous. And also she probably already knows everything you are going to tell her. It’s okay to talk about her culture, but maybe not on the first date and when you know more about her and what topics she will be interested in as well.

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Treat her as a person

It’s the most important. No matter from what country she came from, if you want to date her you should focus on her personality and treat her just like a woman, not an Asian woman. The main mistake most of the men do while dating an Asian is that they think too much about her cultural peculiarities. But the thing is, if you like her and want to have a relationship with her, it wouldn’t matter for you where is she from, so you better focus on how amazing she is a woman.

Also consider that if your woman was born and raised in a Western country, most probably she won’t be different than other women you had with.


Of course, there are some particular features in dating Asian women, but you also need to remember some general rules of being a gentleman. With use of these tips and your own dating experience, you will have no problems with dating an Asian woman ?

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Dating an Asian Woman: Top Tips and Advice
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