7 types of sex all women have when they are married

7 types of sex all women have when they are married

Is there after ? Or does this new step in your relationship mean that from now on it’s gonna be boring and very occasional?

Trust me, it’s going to be even better! Married people usually have much more diverse and interesting sex life as they are open to their partners in an emotional sense as well. So, here we have 7 new types of sex all women will have when they get married. 

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“Let’s Make a Baby” Sex

If you are planning to have a child, it’s likely that you’ll have this type of sex. It’s completely opposite to what you had when you were single, cause here you need to plan everything in advance. Though there is also something taboo about it, so it’s pretty cool and adventurous.


Way Too Sleepy Sex

It’s like you’re tired and you are almost asleep, but we won’t have much time to do it in the next couple of days, so let’s try to do it now.


“I’m So In With You Let’s Get Married Again” Sex

monica friends getting marriade

Remember how Monica from Friends got turned on the moment she heard about her future wedding? Most of the married people are kind of like this. Sometimes, all you need is just to look at the person you love that much and realize how much closer you are now after marriage. It’s a pretty good way to express your feelings to each other with this type of sex.


“I Put on New Lingerie So You Better Tell Me I’m Hot and Take Me” Sex

This one may be the most important type when you are married. For a woman, knowing that her man wants her even after all this time being together and despite cellulite and ankle. It’s important for men as well, cause if she is dressing up (or undressing), it only means that she is doing it for you.


Scheduled Sex

sceduled sex

Now you know each other’s timetables and you can plan everything ahead. Why not to have scheduled sex? There is nothing to be ashamed of and it’s, actually, quite fun.


“Let’s try this unusual type of sex” Sex

When you decide to spice it up and try something really new till you are not that old and still can do it. And yeah, when you are single you can try new things every time, but it’s much more exciting when you are married.

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The Mutually Orgasmic Sex

married sex

Sorry, , most of married people have the lock on that mutual orgasms. Of course, we chose the person to marry because of some personal qualities, but sex is important as well. So it’s most likely that you are fully compatible in bed and there is nothing to change in your sexual relationship.


Is there any other type that you have found out after the marriage? Leave comments below and share your experience!

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