7 Places She Wants You to Kiss

7 Places She Wants You to Kiss

are very tender and creatures. In general, kisses are more important for them than for . They tend to view as an important way to show affection in , to connect and create a bond. If you want to give your soul mate pleasure and add some spice to your relationship, add the following kissing spots during foreplay:

Back of the neck

One of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to get her in the mood is to gently on the neck. This works best when it happens spontaneously. When she works at a computer or washes dishes, approach her quietly from behind, sweep her hair off the back of her neck and her there.


Although ears contain a ton of tiny nerve endings that send pleasurable responses to the brain, they receive very little attention in their day-to-day life. This makes them an even hotter spot to stimulate during sexy time. Gentle nibbling on the earlobe is a reliable way to send shivers down her spine.


There are many places on the face, besides the lips, where you can kiss. Place sweet, light kisses on her cheek, slowly move to the eyelids, forehead, nose, chin … And remember – her face should be treated with tenderness and reverence. Don’t lick or bite her face. Just don’t.


The most obvious place for kisses is certainly the lips. Lips are the most exposed of all erogenous zones and are packed with a ton of nerve endings that are sensitive to even the slightest touch. Stimulating them releases floods of feel-good hormones to our brains that affect our emotions.

Breasts and Nipples

Paying special attention to the chest area can be a pleasure for both of you. The skin here is especially thin, meaning every sensation will be magnified. By the way, research shows that nipple stimulation processes in the same region of the brain as touch to the clitoris and vagina, making it a key part of the holy trinity of female pleasure.


We are gradually going down. The hips are much more sensitive than you would guess. Don’t neglect this place as kissing, licking and nibbling at her hips will send currents of delight down to her toes and up to the top of her head.


Once you land here, you’ve reached the point of no return. With 8,000 nerve endings packed in such a small little space, you’ve gotta respect that ratio! Remember, this is not a rub and tug kind of experience, so be gentle.

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