5 Main Stages of Dating a Man

5 Main Stages of Dating a Man

All have stages. They are pretty common but at the same time very different for and women. Unfortunately, most of the couples don’t go further than stage three. However, it’s very important to know all of them while someone. 

Having all these stages of dating in mind doesn’t mean that you need to follow them strictly, but at the same time developing your relationship step by step would definitely help you to finally build a healthy and successful relationship.

So what are these stages of dating a man? Let’s take a look at the main 5 stages to learn more about how to a man.


Stage one: Lust and sexual feelings

Yes, it’s true. All the men look at your physical appearance firstly. Of course, there is an exception when your relationship starts from a friendship. But it’s another story.

Having a sexual affection is totally normal for the beginning of a relationship. He doesn’t know you yet, so the reason he chose you would be your nice body or beautiful face. Don’t feel offended by this. He will get a chance to know you better later on.

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Stage two: Crush

It’s a very sweet time when you’re totally into each other and can’t spend a minute apart. Your relationship still remains sexual but you are getting to know each other more and he starts liking you not only for your appearance but for some other qualities like sense of humour or communication skills.


Stage three: Attachment

From this point, things are getting serious. He knows you quite well already and you have something you can talk about. A lot of things you like are getting common: hobbies, spending evenings in front of TV, spending time with friends, cooking. At this stage, you can even start living together. 
Stage three is the most dangerous one. At this stage, you should realize if it’s your person and would you be able to spend the rest of your life with them. 


Stage four: Commitment

When you came to this stage you should know that your relationship getting really serious. Committing to each other it’s a big step and not everyone is ready for this. Also, coming to this stage may take a lot of time as your partner should be ready to commit and sometimes it may take longer than you expect.

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Stage five: Family goals

After coming through all these stages there is only one thing left: . It is the last stage of dating as you are not just a couple anymore, but a family. But it’s definitely not the last stage in your relationship! Of course, the divorce rate is getting higher nowadays, but if you took all the dating stages seriously and you are sure in your partner, then nothing can ruin your happily ever after!


Knowing all stages of dating a man would not only help you to stay confident about your future relationships, but also would guarantee a successful future with your partner! And if you are still looking for someone special, don’t forget to install Meetville app on Android and iOS.

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