5 Absolutely Unacceptable Ways to Break Up

5 Absolutely Unacceptable Ways to Break Up

Breaking up is okay. Almost every couple has a moment when they realize it’s time to end their relationship. Or at least one of the partners thinks so. However, there are different ways to break up. You can leave your partner broken-hearted or you can still stay friends. You can be honest and compassionate or you can simply throw your decision into your partner’s face.

If you want to break up with someone in a right way, here are some bad breaking up ideas to avoid:


It’s not you, it’s me!

It’s such a cliche that no one already believes it. Though, if it’s really so and you feel like the roof of dissatisfaction is coming from you, you need to explain it to your partner and let him/her know that it’s no one’s fault and you just don’t feel the same. Reason – is the best you can give to your ex while breaking up.

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It might be possible that you’re so fed up with this relationship that you don’t even want to see your ex for the last time. Or you can’t watch them in pain or crying. Still, it’s not the reason to be a coward and break up with your partner via message or a phone call. In any case, your ex deserves to look in your eyes when you’re talking about your relationship.


Initiating a fight

I knew a man who started fighting with his wife a few days before her birthday, so then she was mad at him and he didn’t have a need to buy her a present. The same is with breaking up. It’s not a great idea to instigate a fight in order to break up with your partner. Descending to such a mean trick wouldn’t show the best of you.

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I don’t really understand what kind of coward can “ghost” someone? Though, lately, it’s becoming the most popular form of separation or ignoration. If you still don’t know, “ghosting” is the way someone disappears from your life without any notification. Ghosting is a particularly mean way of breaking up with someone because you leave your ex with no explanation of what happened to you and your relationship.


Right after

For some people, it seems like a perfect moment: your partner is calm and relaxed, and maybe it wouldn’t hurt that much. Well, that’s a very wrong conclusion. It’s, actually, the worst idea you could ever think of. It not only gives your partner a feeling that he/she was used only for sex but also makes the last good and memorable moment together pretty disgusting.

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Breakups are part of life and we need to accept it. Though it’s all in your hands to make this time painless for both of you.

If you’d stick to some rules and make everything right, the breakup might be even a good start for you, as it’s time for new opportunities and discoveries in your life. So, if you’ve just broken up with your ex but you are ready to a new relationship, don’t forget to install Meetville app on Android and iOS right now and go on a date with local !

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