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Why Men Choose One Woman Over Another

“You are looking at your ex's new girlfriend and just don't understand what did he”
By Alex Glover April 28, 2021

Why Men Choose One Woman Over Another

“You are looking at your ex's new girlfriend and just don't understand what did he”
By Alex Glover April 28, 2021

You are looking at your ex's new girlfriend and just don't understand what did he find in her. She might be not prettier, or smarter, or funnier than you are, but he still chose her over you. And you can't stop thinking why? 

You may think that love is mysterious and two people are attracted to each other by the destiny. However, in real life, there are some important factors that make you fall in love with another person and stay with him/her for a long time.

So, instead of asking yourself over and over again what's wrong with you, better check these reasons why he most likely chose her over you.


They have the same family values

If his main goal of a relationship is to settle down, then he's probably looking for someone who shares the same family values and has the same plans for the future. And it's totally alright that you have a little bit different goal for the next 5-10 years and don't really want to have 3 kids and get married. But he wants it and he wants it right now. And instead of waiting for you to change your mind, he thinks it's easier to find someone else, who has the same family values.

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He loves her confidence

You might be unsure about your relationship and he has obviously noticed it. Men are also seeking for confidence and reliability in a relationship, just as we are. So, when he finds someone who can provide it to him, it's more likely that he will choose this person over you. It's great when you can share everything with each other, but when you tell him about your insecurities, his confidence with you disappear as well.


They have a better sex

Sex life is very important. For men, choosing the woman who meets all sexual criteria that he is looking for, is one of the factors of their attraction to a woman. Of course, if the only reason why he chose her is sex, this romance wouldn't last long. However, if there are some other reasons why he is attracted to her, this bond will become even stronger, if they are compatible in this intimate part of life.


She never pressured him

When it comes to relationships, most men feel pressured and obliged to commit to their partner. Especially when you start questioning all his decisions and particularly his feelings. No wonder that at the end he'll choose someone who is happy with her own life and doesn't make him to fall in love with her. And because she isn't so eager to lock him down, it actually will make him want her even more.


They share the same interests

Same interests is a very powerful bond between two people. He can love you because you are smart and funny, but it's never the same as when he is with the girl who also likes the same music and plays his favorite computer game. It also may be about their personal compatibility. He might think that she is much more fun (and who wouldn't like to have some excitement in their life?). Or have the same cultural values. At this point, there is not much you can do about it, as it's all about their personality and you just can't change who you are.


His friends and family love her

For some people, the opinion of their close relatives and best friends is very important. You may not like it, but if his mother prefers this another girl over you, it's more likely he will listen to her at some point. The same goes with his friends' opinion. He wants you to be not only your romance but also a best friend, so getting along with his friends would be really important to him.


She is independent

One of the reasons why he chose her over you is that she is not depending on him (or at least she doesn't show it). For some reason, men like women who are free. So, if you forget about your life in order to make him happy, it may spoil your relationship. If a man is choosing a partner to settle down, he'll look for someone who talks the talk and walks the walk. Of course, some men prefer to be the one who decides everything in the relationship, but the majority would prefer to be with someone who can think and do things independently.

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You can't expect someone to be with you if you don't satisfy each other on a certain level. He decided to be with another woman and maybe you need to be happy for him, because if you are single now, it's more likely you will find your perfect match who would connect with you on every level.

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