4 Surefire Ways To Guarantee A Second Date

4 Surefire Ways To Guarantee A Second Date

The first date is such a mix of emotions. You are excited, you’re nervous, and above all, you want to impress this person. You want the first date to go well so that there is a . The problem is that many of us make the most common mistakes that are so easily avoidable. Though you may very well have good intentions, if you miss the mark on something it can cost you in the long run.

The first date is a time to start to get to know each other. You don’t want to tell them everything about you, but you do want to get a good dialogue going. You want to be easy to talk to, and you also want to listen well to them at the same time. This may sound like a huge task, but if you go in with a positive mindset and ready to enjoy yourself it works to your favor. Here we look at some of the most important things to do on that first date which will ultimately lead you to a second date.

1. Use your manners: Nobody is interested in somebody who doesn’t use their manners on the first date. Though it sounds obvious and even silly, you need to showcase your best manners if you want things to progress. Be courteous, kind, and hold doors and be polite. This is too underrated but part of being impressed is seeing the best version of somebody. That should absolutely include good manners so that you can put your best foot forward in impressing this person before you—then you’re much more likely to get a second date.

2. Listen as much as you talk: You don’t want to be so shy that you don’t talk. Be open to conversation and be actively engaged in talking to this person before you. At the same time, you also don’t want to hijack the conversation either. That means that you need to find that fine balance of talking enough but not too much. This needs to be a two way dialogue so that you both leave knowing more about each other. This active conversation will surely lead to a second date if you play it out right.

3. Be yourself and don’t try to be somebody that you’re not: If you try too hard to be somebody else then it will show up as fake. Don’t fall into this trap! Sure you want to impress them, but you also need to stay true to who you are. If you’re not a match then that’s important to find out early on. Being yourself and being honest is the only way to secure a second date. It’s also an important way to be sure that you are both a match for each other. Don’t be fake or try too hard, for this will always work against you.

4. Be approachable but also keep a bit of mystery to things: You do not want to put all your cards on the table. You also don’t want to be a closed book. The truth is that the first date is an excellent time to get to know each other, but you also need to leave something for the next date too. This is a fine balance but one that you can easily find if you think it through ahead of time.

You are going to be somebody who is easy to approach and to talk to, but you also need to leave something to talk about next time. Keep a bit of mystery about yourself and do not take things too far on the first date. If you can remember all of this then the second date is going to be a certainty because they will be intrigued.

Try to put aside the nervous feelings and instead, just focus on enjoying this experience. The more that you put into it, the more that it will pay off in the long run. The second date can be much more of a certainty if you think through these issues and make it a winning experience.

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