3 Things to Say to Totally Win Your Date over

3 Things to Say to Totally Win Your Date over

When it comes to trying to win your date over it can be downright difficult sometimes. Though you may feel anxious going into a date, there are some surefire ways to relax and enjoy yourself. If you can take the time to really talk to your date and get to know them better, it will go a long way. So you want some unique things to say that will really open up the lines of communication. With the right approach and honesty you can set the right tone and ensure that things progress.

It’s about what you say, but also how you say it. This means that you should go in confident, but also ready for some honesty and good two sided conversation. It’s not always easy but the date is about getting to know each other and seeing if you’re a match. This is your opportunity to talk about yourself, but also about getting to know the other person. So if you can look at it that way and ensure a good open dialogue then you will find long term happiness much easier in the end.

1. I’m so glad that we did this, it’s great to spend time with you: You’re making the other person feel at ease and feel as if their time is valuable. You’re helping to make them feel important and show that their time is important to you. This sets a really positive tone and really opens their eyes to what a great catch you are. In the end a date is about spending time together and you are complimenting them by saying how happy you are to share this with them. It’s not an over the top compliment, but one that will make them smile and show your intent and commitment. This is sure to lead to the next date and maybe more after that!

2. I’d love to learn a little more about you: People like to talk about themselves and want somebody to listen to them. You are expressing interest in getting to know them better, and you are also helping to show that you are not conceited or cocky. You are in this to get to know them and this is a great way to open up the lines of communication. It’s an open ended way of asking about them and so it will bring even the shiest person out of their shell. This will also help you to get to know them in a way that can dictate if you are interested in things progressing or not. Works on both sides!

3. It’s so nice to meet somebody who I can really talk to: Everyone wants to feel like they are interesting to talk to. Everyone wants to feel positive and confident, and you are helping to boost that with this simple little phrase. If you can talk to this person then that shows that there are no limits to what could happen beyond this point. Having a good foundation based on proper communication will really take things in the right direction and give a good chance at a brighter future. So by telling them that you enjoy talking to them and you can relate to them, that means that there is a good connection — and that will only lead to more dates and a better chance at a future beyond this!

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