3 steps to make a good first impression online

3 steps to make a good first impression online

Online for the first time can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! If you were preparing for a job interview you’d probably dress your best, fix your hair and do your homework to make sure you make a good first impression. The same rules apply to online . Most people will only take a few seconds to determine if you could be ‘the one’ for them, so it’s worth getting that first impression right.

If you want to make a good impression from the beginning of your acquaintance on the Internet, follow these tips and make your  experience a true success.

Be unique but genuine

There are thousands of singles using Meetville right now, so you have to stand out. Even so, it’s a fine line to tread. You want to be different from everyone else, but you shouldn’t exaggerate details about yourself or your life. And you definitely shouldn’t lie.

Post a variety of pictures

The photos you use are arguably more important than what you write, so choose wisely. You should have a variety of different shots (close up, full width, action etc.) Also, avoid posting any group pictures as people won’t be able to tell, at first glance, which one is you. You don’t want someone falling for the friend that you were standing next to at the party after all!

Be interested, not just interesting

It’s not only important to be interesting, but it’s also vital to be interested in the person on the other end. Remember to talk about yourself while also asking them questions. Hopefully, it’ll be a two-way street and they’ll be interested in getting to know you too. That way the conversation will feel effortless.

Making a good first impression online isn’t as difficult as it might seem when you first start out online dating. Try out a few – or all – of the tips above, see how things go, and make adjustments as needed. You’ll find your groove in no time!

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