10 Struggles All Women Have When Getting Ready For a Date

10 Struggles All Women Have When Getting Ready For a Date

is hard. But what’s even harder is getting ready for a . Especially if you are a woman. Especially, if you are really worried how this will go.

Remember your last date? Comment below if you’ve ever had one of these 10 struggles all have when getting ready for a date.

You start getting ready 3 hours in advance

It’s ok. You just need some time to prepare yourself emotionally and physically.

You try to find a matching underwear

The biggest struggle is not just matching underwear. But it’s more about Bridget Jones’ kind of struggle: what kind of pants should you wear on the first date?

You get yourself a drink

Drinking a glass (or two) of wine before a date is a very common trick to get more courage. It’s a bit risky, though, cause it’s hard to remind yourself that you need to stoped when you are too stressed.

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You try to choose between 10 different looks

You got too many outfits and suddenly all of them look equally good (or equally bad) on you. This kind of struggle is common for all women in the world. And probably not just for a date night case.

getting ready for a date

You spam your friends with photos of your looks

Since you can’t decide it by yourself, your friends need to struggle as well being spammed with hundreds of your photos with different looks.

You start watching makeup tutorials

Strobing or contouring? Bronze or blush? Or maybe it’s time to try smoky eyes that I’ve never done before? Anyway, watching youtube tutorials and trying to repeat them is a ‘must-do’ struggle for any date.

You take a break with a dance

Dancing half-naked in front of a mirror is what everyone has secretly done at least once in their life. Don’t lie that you’ve never done this 😉

You check the time and realize it’s been already 2 hours since you’ve started

Only one hour left? How is it even possible?!

You start getting ready REALLY quickly

You take the first outfit you see and smash and smear your makeup on. There is no way you’ll do it as well as on Youtube videos but you can still hope that it will be dark and he won’t notice anything.

You finally meet your date

Awkward pauses, confused glances, shy comments… Oh, these first dates are the best!

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