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Top 3 Things Men and Women Notice First About Their Date

“Do you ever wonder what people think of you when you meet for the first”
By Alex Glover June 11, 2021
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Top 3 Things Men and Women Notice First About Their Date

“Do you ever wonder what people think of you when you meet for the first”
By Alex Glover June 11, 2021

Do you ever wonder what people think of you when you meet for the first time? Does it ever puzzle you how people perceive you? Do you feel like you want to be the type of person that is instantly attractive, but you aren’t sure of how to get there? If you are like most of us then you may feel a bit uncertain as to what your date notices about you first. Once you get a hold on this you can impress any date. If you can get to a point where you fit the bill and you are true to yourself, then your first impression will always be a winning one. Try it and see for yourself!

In order to get yourself to the point of understanding how to make that good first impression, you must first put yourself into that mindset. You might think that the things that men and women notice are quite different, but that’s not necessarily true. The reality is that both men and women are looking for the physical traits, just as much as they are looking for the substance. Women want a man that looks good, is confident, but who also is smart and has a good sense of humor. Men want a woman that, of course, is attractive, but they also want to be able to have a conversation with her and see that she can hold her own. Confidence will always rule, and there are a few other things that everyone is checking for.

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You will see when you master these three core concepts and ideas that men and women are doing the same sort of mental inventory each time that they meet a new person. They all want to see what is going on early on with this person before them, and then they can decide if this is a potential match worth pursuing. Knowing this list will help you make the right impression on your date and win him/her over. Here’s what you need to know and care about before your first date.

Do they seem confident or like they are looking for approval?

Men and women alike are interested in confidence. It shows that you are self-assured and that you recognize your own worth. If you are the type of person that is always looking to others for approval, this will not help you to win out. It’s important to both that this person has a good sense of who they are, that they are comfortable in their own skin, and that they are self-assured enough to land the date and move on with the relationship.

How do they look and do they put any effort into their appearance?

Make no mistake here—appearance matters to both men and women! It always has and it always will, and if you think otherwise then you’re wrong. There is something here to keep in mind though because they want to see that you care, but not too much. If you seem obsessed with your appearance this can come across as insecurity. Not only that, but it may show that you don’t have much substance behind that pretty face. Feel good about how you look, but know that you have much more to you too.

Are they interested in getting to know you just as much as they are about talking about themselves?

Relationships truly are about giving and taking from the very beginning. If you seem to be doing too much talking and not enough listening, or vice versa then you are not going to get anywhere. Men and women are looking for you to have the art of conversation, but also to be a good listener. This makes for a great balance and a winning combination!

If you try to put yourself into this mindset, then you can really get somewhere with making winning impressions. Put yourself out there, be mindful of what others are looking for, and see how this makes for a truly winning strategy overall.

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