8 great TV shows to make you feel better about being single

8 great TV shows to make you feel better about being single

Why there is always a romantic line in every movie? When you are single, looking at these happy couples in love makes you sad. So to make you feel better about your singleness, here are some series, showing that not being in a relationship is actually not that bad!

How I Met Your Mother

Feeling like you’ll never find your true love? ‘How I met your mother’ is a good story teaching us that no matter how long you’ve been single, your soulmate will eventually find you. We can all relate to the main character – Ted Mosby – with his “weird” dream of finding a perfect girlfriend. And at the same time, we find some good reasons to be single and enjoy your life in various ways.


‘Friends’ is an all-times-favorite TV show for anyone who is or has been single for a while. Even though by the end of the series almost all main characters get settled and find their love, we all can witness and enjoy some romantic ups and downs, just like in real life. After watching ‘Friends’ you’d easily agree that having a partner is important but it would never be as great as having such amazing friends, who’ll always be there for you!

New Girl

The New Girl series is an acute exploration of the virtues of friendship and of what modern romantic relationships are about. It has budding love stories that fizzle out, awkward dates, time in the friend zone – basically, everything you have probably experienced as a single person.

The Office

For the hopeless romantics out there, Jim and Pam’s story will warm your cold, jaded heart and give you hope for the future. Because, if love can be found in a place as dreary as a paper company in East Bumblefuck, Pennsylvania, there’s no telling where you will find it.

2 Broke Girls

This TV show shows life as it is. Twenty-somethings, Max and Caroline, spend most of the show’s seasons struggling to make ends, while working as servers at a diner in Brooklyn. They go on dates and meet guys, hoping that some of them might be the one. Just like all do.

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Another of the all-time classics for singles is CalifornicationThe show is about a troubled writer, who enjoys the best of what he can get. It involves a ton of partying and hot chicks, as well as the fact that the main character has all sorts of problems. Gives you a totally new perspective on how to be single.

Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin’s plot may seem quite weird at first. But it’s actually a show that’s bound to keep you on your toes with all of its twists and turns. There’s nothing more comforting for a single person than watching the trials and tribulations of your worst nightmare — getting knocked up when you didn’t plan on it — happen to someone else.

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones has far bigger problems than settling down into a committed relationship. And, she’s going to punch and snark her way through fixing them.

It’s a perfect show not only for fans of Marvel series but also for anyone who can enjoy a good detective led by a strong badass woman.

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