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Date ideas in Vancouver

“Vancouver is today considered one of the most favorable cities for life on Earth! It”
By Silvia Woolard September 30, 2021
Date ideas in Vancouver

Top 7 Amazing Vancouver First Date Ideas

“Vancouver is today considered one of the most favorable cities for life on Earth! It”
By Silvia Woolard September 30, 2021

Vancouver is today considered one of the most favorable cities for life on Earth! It is a three-time winner of the title of "The Best City on Earth" according to "The Economist" magazine (Great Britain).

Canada's third largest city, located on the west coast of North America, attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world for its diversity. This applies to both natural resources and an abundance of attractions. Vancouver attractions combine historic buildings and multifunctional modern high-rises, art galleries and research centers, Catholic cathedrals and sports facilities, urban Pacific coast beaches and ski resorts. 

Here’s the list of the most delightful places to have a date in Vancouver

Vancouver Island

Vancouver is located in the District of British Columbia, and nearby, there is an island with the same name with the capital proudly named Victoria right across the strait. For several centuries in a row, the island has been considered one of the most picturesque corners of the Western Hemisphere. At first, the sailors who landed on the island in search of provisions, and later the numerous tourists who come here for new experiences, were captivated by the beauty and unusual landscapes of this place.

Even today, here you can find places that have remained untouched by man. This country is considered one of the most ardent defenders of wildlife. By the way, the island has its own attraction - the giant tree in Canada grows on the west coast! Just imagine, the height of the Setka spruce reaches 95 meters! 

Capilano Suspension Bridge

This destination is just magnificent. The bridge was initially made of hemp rope and cedar planks and was custom designed by the brilliant Scottish specialist George Grand McCain back in 1889. Its length reaches 137 meters, and the height above the river of the same name is 70 meters. But the main surprise lies ahead.

As it turned out, the Capilano Bridge is not a part of a nature reserve or an object that falls under the jurisdiction of the state. It is privately owned by Nancy Stibbart, who owns all the rights to this engineering marvel. What's so amazing about the Capilano Suspension bridge? Well, go through it! Not every person has the courage to look down over the light rail! Rapid heartbeat and stale breathing are guaranteed to everyone! 

Vancouver Aquarium

The Marine Science Center or Vancouver State Aquarium is located at Stanley Park. This is one of the most amazing places to visit for all wildlife lovers. There is a part of the museum that is dedicated to tropical rivers and seas. You can also enjoy the variety of flowers and an amazing collection of exotic butterflies, which sometimes give sincere delight to all visitors of the park, flying over their heads.

By the way, you can pay attention to a fascinating lecture about the inhabitants of the local aquarium and other inhabitants of the deep sea found in the Pacific Ocean and other parts of the world. Some specimens are displayed in full size in a unique exhibition hall. 

Grouse Mountain

Grouse Mountain or Mount Grouse is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Vancouver. The height of the mountain located in the north of the city is 1251 meters. Locals and tourists love Mount Grause for its stunning city and ocean views, as well as the abundance of entertainment it offers. In summer - paragliding, and in winter - skiing and snowboarding. In addition to extreme and sports entertainment on the mountainside, there are several cafes with panoramic windows, from where you can admire the city landscapes while having a cup of coffee with your date.

Queen Elizabeth Park

Queen Elizabeth Park was created in the middle of the 20th century and named after Queen Elizabeth, who visited it 2 years after its opening. The park's workers have created magnificently beautiful compositions of flowers and shrubs. Also, there is a small pond with turtles in the park, who sometimes come out to bask on the rocks. Numerous trees are home to Canadian squirrels, which can be hand-fed. The most popular place in the park among tourists is the observation deck, which offers a fantastic view of the city.

Orpheum Theatre

One of the largest theaters in Vancouver, built in the early 20th century, is located on Granville Street. The theater's building is made in the Moorish style, and its interiors, combining red and gold colors, are replete with magnificent frescoes and paintings. The theater hall has fantastic acoustics, thanks to which it is often compared to the best theaters in Europe.

Symphony orchestras perform on the stage of the Orpheus Theater, performing both classical and modern repertoires. The scene is often used as a film set for films, TV series, and various TV shows. 

Granville Island

Granville Island is one of Vancouver's gems, a must-see for everyone. Granville Island is a large shopping area, with a huge city market in the center of it. Each store has its own unique assortment; there are no network marketing representatives here. It seems that on Granville Island you can find absolutely anything: from nuts and seafood to highly artistic products made of clay, metal, glass.

There are many cafes and restaurants, souvenir shops with handicrafts, and musicians play in the streets, adding some kind of unique atmosphere to the market. All this complements the fresh sea air and the beauty of the surrounding nature.

Kitsilano beach

Kitsilano Beach is the most popular beach in Vancouver, located on the south coast of English Bay. The beach has basketball and beach volleyball courts, while tennis courts and a large free park are nearby. There is also a seawater pool that is 137 meters long, making it the longest swimming pool in the country.

People come to Kitsilano beach mostly not for swimming in the ocean, but to take a break from the bustle of the city, spend an active weekend or just watch the ships passing by. Locals refer to Kitsilano Beach as a place where people just enjoy life and are always happy.


This is just a short list of the places you can go on a date at and enjoy a great evening with your partner. Sign up right now and find a match in Vancouver to start dating!

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