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Dating woman in Gray Court, South Carolina, United States

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  • Ashley


    Woman. 32 years old. Zodiac sign: Sagittarius.

    Looking for: man. In age: 18-38

    My number ***txt my babys

  • Gay


    Woman. 50 years old. Zodiac sign: Sagittarius.

    Looking for: man. In age: 47-57

    I'll begin with a recently found quote that I truly identify with "There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me, that is the essence of beauty" Steve Maraboli....looking for my perfect imperfect man who agrees with S.M. I'm business professional, retired Law Enforcement, now working in a related field. I'm happy, healthy my career's set and my son's grown. I'm financially independent....In a really great place in my life....except I'm missing someone to share it with. I'm looking for a man who can be fun loving, playful, down to earth and confident in himself and who he is. Someone who's interested in friendship but open to the possibility of more...I'm down to earth, very affectionate, love to laugh and have fun...I find joy in the little things in life. Being intimate and physical touch are very important to me and seeking same in a man. A great sense of humor and quick wit are a huge plus for me too.I'm fairly extroverted and outgoing....No wallflower here. Passionate and sometimes a handful (depending on you may not be a bad thing) but definitely worth it if you have what it takes. Oh, and you'll never be bored around me and I'm totally addicting :) I've been out of the dating scene for many years (face palm :***and believe you can meet great people anywhere but thought I'd give this a try too....My Hair Stylist told me about Plenty Of Fish and said "Do it"!! So here I am "You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough" Cause that's how I roll! In reading profiles, I've noticed quite a few say they workout 6 to7 days a week, run triathlons and never watch TV....I would like to say that's not me and I'm OK with a man who likes to *** evenings in cuddling, watching movies and ordering pizza every once in a while. This is a work in progress as am I. More to come.. PS: I never fit the stereotype of a female police officer some have, and still don't...Never felt like I had to give up my femininity to do the job, and as a matter of fact think it served me well during my time on. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised and maybe intrigued....How the hell did that transition happen?? a story for later.."..I want it to burn my lips and engulf my soul"...WooriI have a new friend here and we were giving each other feedback on our profiles...He said my profile may not interest a man who considers himself a protector or provider and it could be intimidating to others..I hope that isn't the case! I can see how it might be at first glance..but will say while I'm certainly independent, I'm 100% female and have my vulnerable side. I do need a man in that area and one who can stand up to me and put me in my place from time to time :P...and once you get to know me you'll know exactly how to do that. I can be feisty but keeps things exciting. .....Oh and Good Luck with that..lol I'm so joking around here! FYI, nothing personal but I'm not communicating with anyone who hasn't posted a pic of themselves. Not comfortable with that. I'm finding, at least for me, with the volume of people on this site I'm much more likely to respond to an *** especially if you added me to "Wants to meet you" section. Same for men who live out of state, please don't take it personally if I don't respond but I don't do long distant dating. There has to be an initial attraction for me (and I'm sure for you too) before taking the next step. Even though I just recently started dating It's pretty obvious, even with viewing pics, and maybe talking, you still have to meet in person to see if the chemistry's there. I'm just getting comfortable with my new found freedom and I'm not in a hurry or going to rush into another relationship. (Although that is my ultimate goal) With that said I'm sure I'll know, we'll know, if its right..BEST TO BE UP FRONT WITH THE FOLLOWING: If you misrepresent yourself to me in ANY way, physically or about you, I consider that dishonest and will stop any further contact. I've met two men so far that have lied about their age and ***say he was 38 :/ and I don't get it. I know people in their 30's who act like their twice their age and people in their 50's who seem much younger. It's just a number and why start a relationship with that??TY for stopping by! ...MUAHH...Jewells I prefer to go "Dutch" on the first meeting. I'm open to a daytime meeting over coffee, meeting at restaurant for lunch, maybe drinks in the evening, depends on the circumstances.....a place we can talk and get to know each other. Relaxed no pressure. If there's a mutual attraction that's great, if not we got a chance to chat in person.....lol

  • Sabine


    Woman. 47 years old. Zodiac sign: Taurus.

    Looking for: man. In age: 44-54

    Are you at a point in your life where you are ready to just let loose and have fun? Well so am I!! I want the second half of my life to be amazing!! Life is too short to sweat the small stuff. I believe in karma.. doing nice things for others just because it makes you feel good... having your friends back.... and wine!! Lets not forget the wine !! The rest we can learn as we go. It's all about attitude so please have a good one!!Some things about me:I love people's quirks... that's what makes us interesting!I love the way that fav song can make you feel. Driving with the windows down and the heat on tying to stretch out the summer!I'm addicted to quotes! They are my reminderDoing the right thing.... just becauseCooking for people and seeing them smileWatching moviesCooking... together would be the bestIroning... yea I know it's weird!Soaking up the sun at the beach.. all day longThe way sheets smell when dried outsideCold beer....NapsMy feet in the sandAnything near the waterTime with friendsMaking peanut butter cups!!I'm not afraid to get my hands dirtyI like to be challenged.. I definitely have a wild side!!Affection is a mustCuddling is absolutely necessaryHonesty is a givenCommunication is a top 5My bad list:I love to have multiple projects going at once (I'm trying to stop that!)I snore sometimes,, ahh who am I kidding probably too muchI'm a little stubborn sometimesSomeone I met recently questioned me. (in a good way!) What do I really want in life and in a man and why. It got to me... I didn't know the answer. But then maybe because there isn't one right answer or one thing. Life is complex. Feelings come from many things, not just one experience. And so I learned... it's not black and white. Life is grey… and that's ok! Maybe with a little dash of 50 shades!! HahaWhat do i like in a man, hummm.... the way he treats me, the way he is towards others, humor, affection.... I want someone who knows what he wants and goes after it. When he knows he wants me, to realize hey this is the girl for me.... to grab my hand and walk with me in a way that I will know I'm his and he's mine. I want someone that wants to make time for me in his life, wants to look out for me and be looked after by me as well. It's that simple.... material things are not necessary. Actions *** than words.I want a man that can give me a kick in the ass when I need it and a slap on the ass when I want it!!!ps: Photos are required. I have mine posted so its only fair.I'm not perfect, but I think I'm worth it! First dates are awkward.... Lets make the first meeting something simple. Then when we have our real first date we can do something fun! But pay attention, listen and make a serious effort to get to know me. That's how you will win my heart :)

  • Astrid


    Woman. 47 years old. Zodiac sign: Virgo.

    Looking for: man. In age: 44-54

    I am looking for someone for dating that may turn into a long term relationship. I have varied interests and am looking for someone honest, caring, trustworthy and respectful. I would like to some day settle down and share my life with that *** I feel I have a lot to offer. I am very caring, down to earth, love to try new things and love showing affection. I love *** all types of music, especially rock, classic rock and 80's music. I am basically a very fun loving person who enjoys life. I think a great first date would be a dinner at a quiet restaurant so we could talk and get to know more about one another. Then maybe a long walk if the weather is nice and then maybe catch a movie.

  • Shawanda


    Woman. 46 years old. Zodiac sign: Taurus.

    Looking for: man. In age: 43-53

    I'm an outgoing *** I love the beach and outdoors. Im a hard worker but weekends are all mine to have fun. Looking for someone to share the fun with. I like to cook and entertain. I go to zumba classes and bowling during the week. I love tropical vacations and scuba diving. I ski but not well. The person Im looking for should be a man and not a boy and isn't a cheater. I'm very independent but love the support of a real man in my life. Cozy nights by the fire and a great bottle of wine. Motorcycle ride to the hamptons and a picnic on the beach. oh and i love football sundays!please do not send me an *** have taken your profile picture in your bathroom mirror topless, ugh!

  • Cody


    Woman. 49 years old. Zodiac sign: Cancer.

    Looking for: man. In age: 46-56

    I am an art teacher in a NYC school. I have a 22 year old daughter. I love being outdoors especially on a cool fall day. I love to listen to just about any type of music. Live is best. There are a number of things in my life I would like to accomplish but I would have to say that the one that means the most to me has been the most ellusive...that would be meeting my best friend to share what I hope to be the best years of my life. I would be attracted to him because he would share a number of the qualities I like to think I possess... a sense of humor, an opitimistic outlook, committment to family and friends, a love of animals, the arts, the outdoors. I don't think that is too tall of an order maybe I've just been fishing on the wrong sites. Hopefully I can soon retire that fishing pole. I think that decision should be made together

  • Georgina


    Woman. 50 years old. Zodiac sign: Scorpio.

    Looking for: man. In age: 47-57

    I’m not that conceited. It’s seen daily through humility, patience, perseverance. I love life and I work every day to be a better human. Search for awesome people to love and to be loved by.

  • Grazyna


    Woman. 46 years old. Zodiac sign: Capricorn.

    Looking for: man. In age: 43-53

    I am an EMT. I am interested in racing. I like to read. I like to *** with my friends and have a good time Just talk and get to know each other

  • Lucia


    Woman. 46 years old. Zodiac sign: Sagittarius.

    Looking for: man. In age: 43-53

    I am easy going, caring trusting person, kayaking, biking, walks on the beach dinner and movie, also just happy staying home snuggling on the couch with a good movie!My life has took a turn beyond my control, i have guardianship of my 4 granddaughters, so if you would like to chat! Dinner and movie!!

  • Alita


    Woman. 49 years old. Zodiac sign: Sagittarius.

    Looking for: man. In age: 46-56

    Height, weight and hair color don’t make a perfect relationship, but humor, passion, and connection definitely do.I am an honest, trustworthy, great personality kind of woman with a great sense of humor. I love to smile and laugh and mostly love to make others laugh. People tell me they love my dimples and wish they had them.I search for the good in everything and in everyone. There's always a silver lining to everything, if you're just willing to take the time to see it. For me, the glass is always half full *** half empty. I try to turn a bad situation around and make it as good as I can get it to be. I try to learn from my mistakes and to never make the same ones over again. I have no problem saying those 2 words "I'm sorry" when I may be in the wrong. I've actually said those 2 words even when it wasn't my fault.I love sunrises and sunsets and capturing those and other beautiful sky scenes on my camera. I love taking pictures of everything and everybody, to capture those treasured moments on film is the best. I love taking pics of my 3 sons and now I cannot wait to be able to start taking pics of my very first Grandchild that is due in Jan. and cannot wait to become a first time Grammy. I enjoy fishing, camping, bike riding, long drives even to no destination planned, target shooting, shooting pool, reading and writing poems. I enjoy going to auctions. I just enjoy life in general.I am low key and it takes a lot to make me made, but, if you set out to hurt my 3 sons, rest of my family and my friends, then watch out, because then the fuse is lit and you will get a piece of my mind. I am more of a lover than a fighter. I became an empty nester this past Aug. and I am doing just fine with it. Even at my age, I am still kind of shy and it does take a lot for me to even send out the first message and just because I send you one, does not mean that I am interested in a serious kind of relationship with you, it just means that I would like to compliment you on what I read in your profile and/or the pics you have uploaded and just in general, I like making new friends.So, with that said, you do not have to fear sending me a message back thinking that if you do, I am going to want to jump all over you and not ever leave you alone, that's not me. If I respect somebody enough to send out a message, which like I said isn't that easy for me to reach out first, I just think it makes sense for that person to show enough respect to acknowledge the message and send a little note back, even if it's a quick "thank you". Great friendships have been formed this way, and for me, can't have too many friends. I know that a lot of men and women on here will first look at a picture and if they don't like what they see at first judgement, they will reject that person by not giving a kind reply. Most pictures don't tell the true story, but the words coming from ones heart, will most surely tell you the whole story. I would rather have my beautiful heart than that beautiful #10 face/body that a lot of men on here search for. I make a great friend and am always there for all my friends and when in a serious relationship, I switch it over and besides just being a great friend to you, I also become a great lover who will let you know how much you are cared for and loved. You will know and feel this everyday. If I have piqued anybody's interest and you want to know more about me, don't hesitate to send me a message and I promise to answer each and every one. And who knows, maybe a great friendship will begin! :) That's a tough one. Part of me thinks it would be nice to go somewhere to be able to sit down and be able to really talk and get to know more about each other and another part of me thinks it would be nice and maybe take the scary pressure off by doing something fun like playing pool, etc.

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